10 best indoor games for kids

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Sports are an important leisure activity that contribute towards the development of mind and body. Participating  in such activities is often promoted from the grassroot level and its importance cannot be undermined at any cost. It helps an individual to adopt a healthier lifestyle and aids in their physical and mental growth. People who partake in such activities tend to remain healthy in the long run as it helps in the development of their muscles as well as their mental capabilities. 

Though both outdoor and Indoor sports are beneficial for an individual, our focus lies on indoor games that primarily stimulate the development of cognitive processes. These include decision making, temperament, perseverance and other such attributes deemed necessary for a person to achieve success in every walk of their life. 

Enlisted below are some of the popular indoor sports which are played around the globe and have even achieved an international status.

  • Badminton

Badminton is a great indoor sport for improving your physical strength and stamina. It is not preferable for small kids as handling the badminton racket and navigating across the court can be challenging. However, it is an excellent sport for teenagers to maintain their health and improve their endurance and balance.

Badminton can be pretty tiring as it involves continuous movement across the court. Such dynamism takes a toll on the feet, which must be rested after a rigorous playing session. A great way to comfort one’s feet and avoid soaring is by opting for comfortable footwear outside the court to relax the foot muscles. Taking further precautions while playing such games, especially regarding kids, is crucial to avoid injuries.


  • Table Tennis

Table tennis is another indoor sport which aids in building one’s reflexes and physical health. It is a miniature form of tennis and can be played by kids in contrast to tennis which requires significant use of muscle power. This sport helps in developing various mental and physical aspects of an individual such as focus, attentiveness, prudence, and real-time decision making among others. 

Table tennis has global recognition with numerous tournaments and competitions held annually across the globe. It can be played among 2 or 4 players simultaneously and can improve the coordinative abilities of players.

  • Chess

Chess is one the most ancient strategic games created in the 6th century during the Gupta Empire rule. It traversed in the world of sports from thereon and was officially recognized by the Olympics in 2000. Today there are tournaments held all over the world with champions of the game named as grandmasters. 

Chess is often portrayed as a status symbol for leaders and is strictly considered a strategic game that helps develop an astute mind. It is a two-player game based on anticipating and predicting the opponent’s mind and making your moves accordingly. It’s a highly entertaining game if you are one to challenge your wits.

  • Swimming

Swimming can be  considered both a sport as well as a necessity as it can prove to be an invaluable skill to possess. Swimming has been part of the sporting industry since the 19th century, popularized by the British, who made it an official sport by hosting different competitions.

Learning the skill of swimming usually requires the help of a professional trainer and should always be practiced in their presence. If you can afford your kids to learn swimming, it should be necessary as this skill can help save lives. It also helps to build strength, stamina, and underwater endurance.  

  • Gymnastics/Aerobics 

Gymnastics is a kind of sport that involves a full-body workout. The techniques used in this sport help to develop the limbs, shoulders, back, chest, and abdominal muscle groups. It can be considered as an alternative to going to the gym for kids. Instead of lifting weights, one uses various equipment for a complete body exercise session.

The rigorous exercises and body movements in gymnastics build agility, flexibility, coordination, balance, and strength within the body. The plethora of benefits provided by gymnastics ranks it as one of the most beneficial indoor sports.

  • Bowling

Bowling is not everyone’s cup of tea whether considering adults or kids. It requires balance of the body, dexterity and most importantly arm strength. Bowling is an entertaining game which families can enjoy but the bowling ball is to be handled with care as it can cause serious injury. Extended sessions of bowling can even sprain an adult’s arm especially if they are not used to bowling regularly.

In case of kids, the eligibility is usually above 4 years however, that might not be the case for everyone. The lightest bowling ball weighs around 6 pounds and therefore should be handled with care especially with children in the bowling alley.

  • Martial Arts

Martial arts is a dynamic sport, especially in which your kid would love to partake if they admire Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. Though kids usually perceive martial arts as something associated with fighting and typically mix it up with Karate, which is a form of martial arts. Many parents also consider it hazardous as it involves direct physical contact, but it is not harmful under proper supervision.

It involves both offensive and defensive forms of the discipline. It is beneficial for building physical strength and an excellent self-defense training method, which can also be considered a crucial skill to possess. One can participate in competitions and become a professional martial artist with proper training.  

  • Indoor rock-climbing

Indoor rock climbing is a great sport for kids who love to relish the taste of adventures. It helps build lumbar strength, and limb muscles, and improve problem-solving skills, all the while feeling the adrenaline of a real-life adventure. Special equipment is used while teaching rock climbing to kids to ensure their safety.

Indoor rock climbing can be considered a safe prerequisite for mountain climbing. Children passionate about this sport can extrapolate their abilities to become professional mountaineers. It is a sport that instills an adventurous mindset in an individual, allowing them to become bolder in making decisions. 

  • Squash

Squash is another sport excellent for maintaining physical health and fitness. It also lies in the same category as tennis, with rackets being the primary instrument of the game. Squash players often require significant strength, mental prowess, stamina, and agility. 

At the grassroots level, kids can simultaneously enjoy this sport and build their vigor. The initial stages of the game require a training coach to ensure safe play and understand the game’s rules. It is a highly athletic game and can greatly improve your physical abilities.


  • Futsal

Futsal is the indoor form of soccer. It has a smaller playing field, which is similar to a basketball court. It has a glazed floor to allow smooth movement and miniature goals. Futsal was invented much later than football but has developed into an international sport.

As an alternative to soccer, kids passionate about sports usually play futsal. Being played in a smaller area, futsal is a much quicker and more agile form of football requiring continuous movement and, therefore, great for building leg muscles and stamina. 

All these sports can be safely enjoyed inside closed doors and can help in your kid’s physical and mental development. These sports can also aid them in choosing a career path by becoming a professional in the sport of their choice.

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