10 Reasons To Go For Holiday Homes

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Dreaming of an incredible getaway but want an experience beyond the typical hotel stay? Enter holiday home rentals, which provide comfortable lodging in houses, villas, cottages or apartments across endless destinations. Holiday rentals uniquely combine hotel amenities with home-like comforts and coziness any traveler can appreciate. Whether you seek group accommodations, pet friendly policies, or proximity to nature, holiday homes allow you to curate your ideal vacation. Read on for the top 10 reasons you should choose a holiday rental property for your next magical escape! From unbeatable space and custom location options to bonding with your travel squad, holiday homes simply transform trips for the better.

  • More Space and Privacy

One of the best parts of renting a holiday home rather than staying in a cramped hotel room is the abundance of space and enhanced privacy. With a holiday rental, you’ll enjoy the luxury of having separate bedrooms for privacy, allowing traveling couples, families, or groups of friends to each have their own quiet retreat for sleeping. You’ll have comfortable common living areas where everyone can relax together without feeling like you’re crowding into an undersized hotel room. The full kitchen provides plenty of room for cooking and gathering at mealtimes. And the private outdoor spaces, like a backyard, patio, or balcony, allow you to truly unwind outdoors, whether you want to host guests for dinner or relax in pajamas with a cup of coffee without running into other travelers like you would at a busy hotel. 

  • Home Comforts  

Renting a holiday home allows you to enjoy all the familiar comforts of home even though you’re on vacation. Imagine your morning routine just as it is at home – slowly waking up and shuffling into the kitchen in your slippers to brew a pot of coffee and make breakfast. Then curl up with a book on the living room sofa or outside on the private patio, with no strangers around like in a hotel lobby. Since most holiday rentals have full kitchens with all necessary cooking tools and appliances, you can cook your own family recipes instead of constantly eating at restaurants. 

  • Flexibility in Locations

Holiday rental homes are everywhere from downtown neighborhoods to coastal villages to mountain retreats. Due to their independent ownership, these homes go where typical hotels do not. Stay right in the most appealing area for your vacation rather than commuting from a more commercial hotel location. Most vacation rentals come with advice from the owners regarding favorite cafes, nature trails and other local gems.

  • Perfect for Groups and Families

Forget cramming extended family or a group of friends into adjoining hotel rooms. By choosing to all stay together in a holiday home, you’ll have communal spaces that make group vacations easy and comfortable. Lounging by the fire pit, dining together at home, playing board games in the living room or barbequing on the patio – it becomes a built-in family reunion versus just traveling to the same place. 

  • Pet Friendly Properties  

Part of being on vacation for many of us means bringing beloved pets along! Unfortunately, most standard hotels have stringent pet policies with hefty deposits, size restrictions or outright bans. Enter holiday homes, where many allow pets of all sizes and don’t charge additional deposits. Read the rental policies carefully regarding pets when booking, but you’ll often find home rentals are much more pet friendly.

  • Save Money by Cooking 

One of the huge perks of having a full kitchen on vacation is saving money by preparing most meals at “home.” Hitting quaint restaurants for a few meals is part of the experience, but making most meals in will drastically cut your vacation costs. Load up on groceries and enjoy eating on the patio or in front of a cozy fireplace. Kids will also appreciate having their favorite foods on hand.

  • Encourage Quality Family Time

Hectic daily life often makes quality family time hard to achieve. But by vacationing together in a holiday home, you create opportunities for connection. Play games around the dining table after home-cooked meals, assemble puzzles on the coffee table, take walks together in the mornings before you head out sightseeing, enjoy movie nights with provided cable and popcorn. With less rushing around, you’ll be surprised at the conversations and laughter you have.

  • Give Kids More Freedom

Hotel rooms, while exciting for kids at first, get old fast. Holiday rentals allow children much more space to comfortably play, use their imagination, get rowdy when needed or find a quiet reading spot. Safety is still a priority, but parents can often feel more at ease with the kids playing freely outside versus a hotel corridor. And getting out into nature or swimming in the pool is much healthier than another round of video games!

  • Support Eco-Friendly Travel

Vacation rentals are inherently greener. Rather than building extensive new hotels, holiday homes make use of existing housing stock and infrastructure in local communities. This prevents both urban sprawl and habitat disruption. Also, holiday homes have smaller carbon footprints due to less daily laundering, use of chemicals and changing of sheets that large hotels require. Reduce your environmental impact by vacationing in a holiday home versus giants hotels whenever possible.  

  • Experience Local Culture

Get to know what it’s really like to spend time in your vacation destination by staying in a holiday home versus the cultural void of a hotel.Pop into local shops to pick up dinner ingredients, take neighborhood walks and frequent nearby cafes and bars. Meeting neighbors along the way gives you a genuine taste of the community. Also, holiday home decor and design features often reflect regional art and artisans. Feel like an insider by calling a holiday rental your home away from home!


A holiday rental transforms a standard vacation into a memorable trip where you truly feel at home. Offering generous amenities, customized locales, special perks and warm atmospheres, holiday homes allow travelers to craft their own exceptional experiences. Ultimately this home away from home mindset creates deeper connections, richer local culture, more family bonding and awesome cost savings too. When planning your next adventure near or far, consider kicking hotels to the curb. Trust a luxury holiday homes in dubai property to provide travel magic you simply can’t find within hotel walls. 

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