11 Features To Look Before Buying A Gaming Monitor

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Whether you are working on graphic-intensive projects or passionate about gaming, you will definitely need a 144Hz monitor. Why?

Simple: with faster refresh rates, IPS technology, adaptive sync functions, and in-built gaming adaptability, you can perform multiple things. Yes! It is not wrong to say that the device possesses multitasking abilities. The 144Hz gaming monitor has multiple functionalities that allow serious gamers to play competitive titles. What else can you get?

Scroll down to unlock its features:

  • Refresh Rates:

The refresh rate of a gaming monitors display refers to the number of times an image refreshes per second. Typically, a refresh rate of 60 Hz allows 60 images to be displayed on the screen 60 times. It helps with the smooth display of images on your screen.

On a gaming monitor at 144 Hz, you can easily get an optimal refresh rate that allows a better power supply for the graphics card. It will let you enjoy the real-life immersion of the game due to improved FPS (frames per second).

  • IPS:

In-plane switching is basically a type of LED technology that allows for the best color with different viewing angles. There are generally two types of display panels known as TN (twisted nematic) and VA (virtual alignment).

  • TN panels:

Twisted Nematic (TN) panels include a liquid crystal sandwiched between their two polarizing filters. The biggest benefit of these panels is their response time, which helps gamers sustain nail-biting competitive titles.

  • VA panels:

Virtual Alignment (VA) panels provide a higher contrast ratio with more viewing angles. These panels have slightly lower color accuracy compared to IPS panels. They are optimal for shadowing and highlighting the importance of games. If you are a serious gamer and more conscious of speed and technology, then a gaming monitor helps minimize input lag, screen tearing, etc.

  • Brightness:

Yes! Serious gaming needs a nose for detail. Thanks to the brightness of gaming desktops, gamers can play adventurous games such as Grim Fandango, Broken Sword, Beneath a Steel Sky, and so on.

A monitor easily detects color accuracy. It also allows them to adjust their lights according to their settings. This technology allows for tracking usage time and adjusting the brightness.

  • Contrast Ratio:

The contrast ratio of a gaming laptop determines the picture quality of your games. It can easily allow for a modern HDR display on your screen. Your gaming desktop allows you a higher contrast ratio, as blacks are really black and whites are really white.

It gets highly noticeable when you are a serious gamer and play adventurous titles.

  • Response Time:

Response time refers to the time taken to transmit the inquiry immediately. Moreover, it also facilitates a faster response back to the terminal. It gets measured as the quality of performance in an interactive session.

With 144 Hz monitor gaming, you get a lower response time, which helps reduce image blurring and ghosting. Simultaneously, it increases the picture quality of your games. There are multiple gaming laptops that are available with a response time of one millisecond. With one millisecond of response time, you can easily get a great gaming experience.

  • Good FPS:

Simply put, “frames per second” (FPS) means the measurement of display device performance. It allows you to maintain a matrix of a number of images that get displayed on your screen.

No doubt, FPS in gaming monitors has been deemed important. How? If you are playing competitive game titles such as Counter-Strike, Dota 2, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Fortnite 3.5, and League of Legends, a lag at frame rates can put you at a serious disadvantage. For example, if you are playing Overwatch at 30FPS, then frames do not get accurately captured in games.

  • Screen Size:

You can almost get above 24-inches in your gaming monitor’s resolution at 144 Hz. That offers the best display. With this range of sizes, you can easily see everything coming onto the battlefield while playing adventurous games. You can target your opponents with the help of maps.

This also allows you to participate in competitive gaming. This refers to the process of improving your performance in terms of your competitors. These devices offer great room for fast-paced gaming, adventurous games, or RPGs.

  • Excellent sRGB Color Coverage:

Generally, for sRGB native content, 100% is considered ideal. Anything below the optimal mark gets considered under-saturated.

This offers room for effective video production, which is important in workplaces. Additionally, with better color contrast, working professionals can easily track out designs and a lot more.

  • Ergonomically Superior Stand:

With ergonomic business monitors, you can avoid eye strains, incorrect postures, fatigue, and so on. Continually sitting in incorrect postures leads to serious issues with your spine.

No need to worry! For professionals like photographers, designers, and video editors, the model allows smoother switching between the portrait view and landscape view. Consequently, work becomes smoother and more time-saving.

  • USB Hub Port:

A USB port hub refers to a small adapter that consists of several extra USB ports. It is really easy to expand the number of available ports on your monitor.

Working professionals need to transfer bulk data, and USB ports come to the rescue. Besides this, if you are more concerned with security, then you can use a laptop lock cable for enhanced security.

  • Built-in Speakers:

There are various business models that come with built-in speakers. These speakers help you to listen to the latest music and sounds. While continuously working, it becomes important for working professionals to lessen their work burden.

Bottom Line:

Gaming computers monitors help you cater to all modern gaming needs. These models offer you a range of benefits, like better pixel density, effective image processing, a responsive experience in action games, and so on. So, don’t wait too long. Go online and make out the deal for the best 144 Hz, 1 ms monitor model.

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