3 Elements You Need to Think About When Buying a Plot of Land

3 Elements You Need to Think About When Buying a Plot of Land

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Buying a land for sale in Chennai and building a house tailored to your needs sounds like a simple enough idea. After all, Chennai is a flourishing city and a perfect place to settle down with your family. However, much like any major investment, a good level of thought, research and consideration has to be put into the process of buying plots. 

Location of the Plot of Land 

Location is arguably the most important element to think about when buying a plot for sale. Simply checking the physical location of the plot is not enough. You also have to see how close your selected plot is to important amenities and infrastructure like hospitals, schools and markets. At times, you might get inclined to buy a plot in a remote area, to enjoy the privacy and peace that is often missing amidst the hustle and bustle of city life. Moreover, property prices in these areas are likely to be relatively cheaper. However, living in a remote locality is usually not a practical choice for most. After all, you wouldn’t want to spend several hours every day just commuting to work. Living in a far-off locality also becomes a huge issue if someone in your family has a health emergency or you urgently need to buy something from the market before guests come over. To enjoy a comfortable and problem-free lifestyle, it would be prudent to check the connectivity and social infrastructure of an area before buying a plot there. Apart from enjoying good proximity to schools, markets, hospitals, and commercial developments, the area should also be well-connected by roadways. 

Size of the land

Size of the land 

The size of the plot must align with your intended purpose. If you want to construct a house and live there, you should think about your lifestyle needs and future expansion plans. It also is vital to understand the difference between a carpet area, which implies the actual space you can use, as well as super built-up area, which includes common areas, before selecting a plot. Remember, a large plot will be too expensive to construct, and a sizable portion of it might not be used. Choose the accurate size of plot that meets your budget, requirements, long long-time usage and calculate the number of family members or plots used for commercial purposes. 

Condition of the Land

The condition of the land is an important element to consider, as it impacts the usability and development potential of the property. The topography, soil quality, and existing structures on the land should be evaluated properly. This will help you to get a better idea of the costs associated with clearing, grading, and ultimately preparing the land for your intended use. Rocky and uneven land will be difficult to pave and costly to restructure. 

No matter whether you buy land for sale in Manali, Madhavara, Avadi or some other part of Chennai; to make an informed decision, you need to ponder over the elements discussed above. 

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