4 Great VFC Avalon AEGs Under $400

VFC Avalon AEG rifles are considered by many airsoft players to be among the best mid-range airsoft rifles in the game. High-quality internals and upgradeability paired with expandability give VFC Avalon high marks in the game, but there’s a minor catch.

Many VFC Avalon airsoft rifles come in at around the $500 price point, with many above $400. That’s a bit on the pricy side, especially for a beginner.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get one of them for well under $400, too – so we rounded up some of the best options in that price class and consolidated them here.

They may cost more than G&G AEGs, but they offer top-tier performance; check them out.

PTS VFC VPSC Virgo MK-1 Avalon AEG

Adjustable from 22.2” to 26.4”, the officially licensed PTS VFC VPSC Virgo MK-1 pairs power and high-quality construction at an unbeatable price.

Some things you’ll like: it’s made with a metal receiver, ambidextrous fire selector, and mag release, comes with a free-floating handguard with plenty of room, is built with an ECS gearbox with an integrated MOSFET, and is capable of safe, semi-auto, burst, and full-auto modes of fire.

Also, the price.

VFC Avalon Gladius SBR AEG

The VFC Avalon Gladius SBR AEG also brings quality and durability to the airsoft match. It’s made with a full-metal receiver and barrel assembly and has a full-metal KeyMod handguard with plenty of room for expansion.

This one also has an Avalon gearbox with a wired MOSFET to preserve your trigger contacts and improve response – and the gearbox is fully upgradeable.

It’s a little bigger than the AEG mentioned above, but it’s a little more powerful, too, capable of muzzle velocities in the area of 370-380 FPS.

VFC Avalon VR16 AEG (Long KeyMod)

The VFC Avalon VR16 AEG is another top choice if you’re looking for quality and value. Some things you’ll like are the high quality and durability of the construction paired with even more impressive internals.

It features a full-metal receiver, barrel, and KeyMod handguard with an aluminum top rail and a full 4” quad rail section right before the muzzle – plenty of real estate for mounting airsoft accessories.

As for the internals, it boasts a high-torque motor, VFC Version 2, full-metal, fully-upgradeable gearbox, and a pop-up that’s adjustable through the mock bolt catch.

Solidly built, it offers excellent performance in a wide range of airsoft scenarios.

VFC Avalon VR16 A5 KeyMod CQB AEG

Last but definitely not least we have the VFC Avalon VR16 A5 (KeyMod) AEG which is our top choice here for CQB.

It has all of the features – not to mention power – of a larger VFC Avalon AEG, but in a smaller package – it’s only 5.5lbs and adjustable from 26.25” to 29.25” depending on stock adjustments – short, light, and quick, making it ideal for CQB.

But it doesn’t leave power at the door, either. It comes with a long-type motor and a Version 2, full-metal, fully-upgradeable gearbox, and it’s capable of producing muzzle velocities nearing 400 FPS, depending on the airsoft ammo you use.

So it’s definitely a good choice in terms of handling, upgradeability, expandability, and power – especially at this price point.

The Best Prices on VFC Avalon AEGs, Guaranteed

These and other VFC Avalon airsoft guns all can be expanded, all can be upgraded internally, and most of them accept (or come with) powerful LiPo batteries; most can also accept M4/M16 style airsoft magazines.

They’re also all under $400, right now, over at MiR Tactical, at MiRTactical.com, which, thanks to its price match guarantee, delivers platforms like these at the best prices in the industry, with no airsoft coupon code required.

Visit their website via the link above for more details.

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