6 Places That Shouldn't Be Missed During A Visit To Iceland

6 Places That Shouldn’t Be Missed During A Visit To Iceland

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The Land of Fire and Ice has long attracted adventurous travellers. Its landscape boasts ancient lava fields, sparkling glaciers, obsidian beaches, diamond icebergs, rising mountains and cascading waterfalls that draw them in.

Are You Planning a Visit to Iceland and Looking for the Best Places to See in Iceland? Don’t look any further! In this guide, we have collected some legendary sites as well as hidden gems – providing the knowledge to build an itinerary when visiting this amazing nation. So If you Are Searching For Top Attractions In Iceland, Look No Further.

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Perlan Museum

Visit Perlan Museum while in the city to explore its rugged yet beautiful landscapes, created by both fire and ice. This interactive museum highlights Iceland’s natural wonders and is ideal for discovering it all in one convenient spot. 

Perlan’s location atop Oskjuhlid Hill gives it an incredible panoramic view of the city below, making it an excellent way to start an Icelandic countryside tour.

Blue Lagoon

Reykjanes Peninsula in southwestern Iceland is home to the iconic Blue Lagoon. A staple in Instagram posts and promotional ads, the Lagoon is one of Iceland’s premier attraction sites – worthy of all that attention!

The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa fed by a nearby geothermal plant, boasting water temperatures averaging 39degC (102degF). Surrounded by dark volcanic fields, its milky waters seem almost otherworldly against their dark backdrop; truly relaxing yet beautiful and iconic, it must be seen. 

Location-wise, Reykjavik and its airport are perfect destinations to add to any journey in Iceland. Therefore, Iceland’s second city makes for an excellent addition to your itinerary.

Hornstrandir Nature Reserve

Hornstrandir Nature Reserve in Westfjords offers breathtaking natural views in Iceland’s unspoiled wilderness, creating an inspiring adventure experience. While its rugged terrain of mountains and sea cliffs may present challenges, Hornstrandir remains an ideal place for nature lovers who enjoy outdoor adventuring. 

However, no shops or services are reserved, and hikers must come prepared for emergencies. If hiking enthusiasts wish to reach Hornbjarg on the northernmost tip of Hornstrandir reserve during the summer, guided tours let them safely experience this breathtaking experience!


Landmannalaugar, situated within Iceland’s Fjallabak Nature Reserve in its interior highlands, is best known for its picturesque hiking trails. Situated along a lava field’s edge and offering flat terrain easily traversed for walking tours.

Landmannalaugar is popularly visited for short treks through lava fields as well as climbs up Mt. Blahnjukur (one of many rhyolite mountains that ridge the area). Tour companies make regular day trips during the high season, while overnight stays are possible. 

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Vatnajokull National Park

Vatnajokull National Park is home to Europe’s largest glacier and covers approximately 14 percent of the country, boasting four separately managed territories that make up its sprawling expanse. 

Most visitors head directly for Skaftafell’s trails along glacial tongues and waterfalls in its southern territory of Skaftafell; here, you’ll also find trails leading past blue-tinged glacial tongues. 

Thrill seekers can climb Vatnajokull glacier or explore Lakagigar’s volcanic craters or simply explore Dettifosss’ powerful waterfall, famed for the volume of water that cascades over its rim!


Myvatn, formed over millennia by an ancient river of hot lava, is an ideal spot for bird watching in Iceland. Over 100 species flock here each summer to feed off of the midges that inhabit its waters; volcanic eruptions spouting through water create pseudo-craters that draw visitors too.

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This can best be seen near Skutustadir near the rural community near the lake’s south shore, and Dimmuborgir lava fields east of Myvatn are perfect places for visitors who like taking in sights which were created as water drained away and revealed.

Its impressive landscape features such as forests of pillars, caves and rock formations created as water drained away; these phenomena provide ample opportunity for birding experiences!


No experience can compare with witnessing an iceberg breaking off a glacier and plunging into the sea, as seen at Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon in southeast Iceland. 

Here you can experience nature at its finest as this lake was formed by melting ice from Breidamerkurjokull glacier, another major attraction on its own. Though you can witness it from Iceland’s Ring Road or tour boat decks, nothing beats seeing them up close firsthand!

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