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7 most exciting things to do in Jawai, Rajasthan

Rajasthan is privileged with many wild creatures, which include hyenas, wild boars, leopards, sloth bears, and more. Among these, Jawai is popularly known as the capital of leopards.

Jawai is a hidden gem situated in the lap of the majestic Aravali range of Rajasthan in the district of Pali. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you must have heard about this destination since it is famous for many wildlife activities and safaris.

If you are planning to visit Jawai this holiday with your friends or family, you must know what you can do to make this trip memorable. That’s why here we are to guide you!

Being a hotel and safari operator in Jawai, we at Thour Nature Resort can help you gather much-needed information without exaggerating too much. So, grab a paper and pen and jot down the list of things you can enjoy doing in Jawai and make your visit worthwhile!

Top 7 Things to Do in Jawai, Rajasthan

So, if you need clarification and are wondering what you can do in Jawai and are planning a weekend trip there, look at these things to do in jawai you can enjoy!

Leopard Safari

Leopards are the attraction in Jawai, and you can relish the leopard sightings by booking safaris beforehand. You can go for leopard safari in Jawai two times a day, i.e., early morning and evening.

The sighting chances of leopards in Jawai are higher than in other wildlife destinations worldwide. Thus, experiencing a leopard safari in Jawai is an activity you shouldn’t miss at any cost—the best months of the year for leopard safari are September to June.

Crocodile Sightings

Other than leopards, you can also go for crocodile safari in Jawai. It is home to more than 300 crocodiles.

You can consider going for crocodile sighting in the afternoon when they come out of their habitat for the sun at the banks of Jawai dam.

Village Safari

Besides wildlife safaris, you can also experience the rural side of Rajasthan most vibrantly. If you are willing to see how Rajasthani villagers live and how they carry on their routine activities, Jawai is the place you should visit.

You can witness their way of living, dressing, cooking, and other activities while on a village safari. Winters is the best time to enjoy this activity.

Jawai Dam

Jawai Dam is the biggest water reservoir, at 62 feet in height. It was built by Maharaja Umaid Singh of Jodhpur in 1957.

Today, the Jawai dam is considered a famous tourist attraction in Jawai after it was officially declared a crocodile sanctuary in 2013. Tourists enjoy the beautiful view when the overflowing water of the dam comes out from the 13 gates. Also, it is a sunset point that attracts many visitors.

Migratory Birds Watching

You can find many migratory birds like flamingos, cranes, geese, rock eagle owls, robins, shikra, and other birds in Jawai.

The bird safari is conducted in the months of November to March. Every bird lover and photographer can enjoy watching migratory birds. So, ensure you don’t miss out on this while on the Jawai trip.

Pay Homage to Temples

Other than leopard and bird sightings, you can also feel the serenity of Jawai by visiting the stunning Kambeshwer Mahadev Temple.

Also, one of the other popular destinations in Jawai is Jawai Devgiri Cave temple, where you’ll be amused to see how locals and leopards visit the temple and pay homage.

Jungle Safari

Going on a jungle safari in Jawai is another experience that can leave you amazed. This safari is organized to spot wild animals other than leopards, such as hyenas, sloth bears, wild boar, and more.

While on the trip to Jawai, make sure you don’t miss the Jawai jungle safari, and you can do this in the early morning and late at night.

Wrapping Up

So, that’s it for this blog!

These were a list of things that you can do in Jawai. Spot different wildlife creatures and experience the rich culture of the tradition of Rajasthan by visiting Jawai.

Enjoy your trip to Jawai solo or with your friends or family while discovering the rich wildlife of Jawai.

If you are looking for a resort in Jawai close to nature and still enjoy all the luxuries in one place, Thour Nature Resorts is your go-to place. Our tents are equipped with modern-day amenities that can make your trip memorable. So, what are you waiting for, pack your bags and visit Jawai today!

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