A 101 Guide to Navigating AbroAdvice.com

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AbroAdvice.com is a popular name among students in Asia willing to study abroad. The website has worked hard to create a network of 700+ institutions across countries like the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Switzerland and many more.

The number of students willing to study abroad has increased significantly over the past few years. In fact, recent reports suggest that India has seen a 68% increase in the number of students willing to study abroad in the past few years.

These clearly emphasise the need for a website that can share all-round assistance with your study abroad plans. As the website offers a lot of services, it might be difficult for newcomers to find what they want.

Here, I will take you through the best ways to navigate AbroAdvice.com. But before doing so, let’s get a sneak peek at the services the website has to offer.

A Sneak-Peek into the Services Offered by AbroAdvice.com

Here are the various modes of guidance that the website claims to offer:

  • One-on-one counselling sessions to ensure you choose the right institution
  • Finding the right course as per your interest
  • Helping you with the documentation and application process
  • Helping you find the right documents for your visa application
  • Preparing you for the standardised tests
  • Research and find the right scholarships to manage education costs

Now, when you visit the website, you will find all of these. Don’t get confused; just follow these steps to find and get what you need:

Know what you want

International education is not only about finding the right course or the right university. You will have to prepare for English proficiency tests to go ahead with the application. The website offers guidance with IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, SAT and ACT. You can get the necessary assistance and prepare well for all these exams. They have counsellors who are well-versed with each of the tests and can train you to ace the same. Visit our site for IELTS exam preparation.

Share your details in the order form

When you visit the website, you will come across an order form. Ensure to fill in the details carefully and share the necessary details to get the right assistance. The website has the best team of counsellors and will respond to your queries promptly. They will ensure you have the right assistance and take a step forward properly in your international education journey.

Check for the country you want to study in

You will come across the various countries the website is associated with. You can click on the country you wish to study in to gain more information on the same. Further, you can click on register now and fill out the enquiry form to get personalised assistance from a highly qualified consultant. For example, if you want to study in Australia, you can click on the same to know all the details about the country.

Free Consultation

There are students who are not sure about where to apply or how to move forward with the process. The website offers free consultation to students to help them create a roadmap. So, when you visit the website’s home page, you will come across a 30-minute free consultation button. You can click on the button, fill in your details and start the process. The website lets you speak with a highly experienced consultant to help you get an idea about international education.

Test preparations

AbroAdvice.com is well-known for providing the best test preparation services. While there are many tests for students willing to study abroad, you need to check what the universities in your preferred country need and click on the right option to start the process. The website will ask for the necessary details, and once you fill in the same, they will assign a consultant to take care of your preparations. The website also has offline coaching centres in India to let students choose the one they are comfortable with.

Add-on services

You must not leave the website once you are done browsing through the services. AbroAdvice offers a lot of services beyond preparing you for studying abroad. Most students look to avail of student loans but are unaware of the process. The website offers the right assistance with the same. They will help you prepare the necessary documents and help you file your application to successfully get a loan. Further, some universities need a Statement of Purpose and Letters of Recommendation. Most students are unaware of the correct ways to write one. AbroAdvice can get things done. Click on any of the services under ‘ancillary services’ to get the right help.

Subscribe to their newsletters

A great way to stay updated with the things going on in the international education sector is by subscribing to their newsletters. It will help you learn all about the latest developments and prepare yourself for the same accordingly. The website will share all the updates via email. You can share your email ID and submit the same to stay updated.

Contact details and social media

The website has a prompt customer support service. But if you want to get in touch with them directly, you can navigate through the website and find the contact details at the bottom of the page. Further, you can keep yourself updated by following their social media pages.

Final thoughts,

Navigating through AbroAdvice is not too difficult. All you have to do is understand what you need and share your requirements accordingly. The website is known for offering the best services and can be a great source of help for students willing to study abroad. You need to understand the various aspects of international education and take your step forward accordingly.

Author Bio: Lina Luice is an expert associated with a renowned website. She is known for helping students overcome the odds with preparations for international universities. She is also an independent blogger and writes on various topics.

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