Announcing the Leading Commercial HVAC Company: Excellence in Service and Innovation

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Dalton, PA – 4th June 2024 – Rite-Temp, a pioneering name in the heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration industry, proudly announces its position as the leading Commercial HVAC Company in Northeast Pennsylvania and beyond. With a rich history of service excellence and a steadfast commitment to innovation, Rite-Temp continues to set the standard for commercial HVAC services.

Commitment to Excellence

Rite-Temp started its operations in 1975, with a main emphasis on providing refrigeration systems for supermarkets and refrigerated cold storage warehouses. Over the years, the company expanded its expertise to include servicing and installing chillers of various sizes, ranging from one-ton units to several hundred-ton systems. Today, Rite-Temp’s portfolio includes comprehensive HVAC services for retail, office buildings, healthcare, commercial, warehousing, and industrial clients throughout Northeast Pennsylvania and parts of New York.

Comprehensive HVAC Services

Rite-Temp provides a comprehensive range of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services specifically created to fulfill the varied requirements of business customers. Their services include:

Customized Installation

Rite-Temp excels in providing tailored HVAC installation solutions. Their experienced technicians assess each client’s unique requirements to design and implement systems that ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency. With an in-house sheet metal fabrication shop, Rite-Temp can customize components to fit specific applications, guaranteeing a seamless installation process.

Preventive Maintenance Programs

It is essential to carry out regular maintenance to ensure that HVAC systems last long and operate efficiently. Rite-Temp offers comprehensive maintenance programs that include regular inspections, cleaning, and adjustments. These programs are designed to prevent unexpected breakdowns and extend the lifespan of HVAC equipment, ensuring that systems operate smoothly year-round.

Emergency Repair Services

In the event of an HVAC system failure, Rite-Temp’s team is ready to respond promptly. Their experienced technicians have the tools to identify and fix various problems, reducing the amount of time equipment is out of service and swiftly bringing back comfort. The company’s commitment to quick response times ensures that clients receive the support they need when it matters most.

Innovative Energy Efficiency Solutions

Energy efficiency is a top priority for Rite-Temp. The company offers cutting-edge options to assist customers in maximizing their HVAC systems, decreasing energy usage, and reducing operational expenses. By incorporating advanced technologies and offering expert advice, Rite-Temp assists clients in achieving significant energy savings.

Skilled and Certified Technicians

Rite-Temp’s success is built on the expertise of its highly trained and certified technicians. The organization prioritizes ongoing training to ensure its team remains current with the latest industry standards and best practices. This dedication to enhancing professional skills guarantees that Rite-Temp’s technicians can confidently and accurately address even the most intricate HVAC challenges.

Customer-Centric Approach

At the heart of Rite-Temp’s operations is a customer-centric approach. The company takes pride in offering tailored services that are crafted to fulfill the specific needs of every customer. Rite-Temp has built a strong reputation in the industry due to its emphasis on open communication, clear pricing, and a commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction, which has resulted in a dedicated client base.

After being in the industry for many years, providing a wide variety of services, and dedicating ourselves to being innovative and ensuring customer happiness, Rite-Temp stands out as the leading Commercial HVAC Company in Northeast Pennsylvania. Businesses looking for reliable, efficient, and innovative HVAC solutions can trust Rite-Temp to deliver exceptional service every time. Schedule a consultation or visit their website at Rite-Temp or contact them directly. Experience the excellence and innovation that make Rite-Temp the top choice for commercial HVAC needs.

About Rite-Temp

Rite-Temp was established in 1975, originally focusing on providing maintenance and installing refrigeration systems for supermarkets and refrigerated cold storage warehouses. With expertise in sophisticated refrigeration systems, they later expanded their services to include the installation and maintenance of chillers ranging from one ton to several hundred-ton systems. Today, the chillers they work with are employed for various purposes, including comfort cooling, food manufacturing, and industrial process cooling. In 1988, they extended their services to include HVAC installation and maintenance. Rite-Temp now serves retail, office buildings, healthcare facilities, commercial establishments, warehousing, and industrial clients throughout Northeast Pennsylvania. They operate a sizable heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration service company, serving northeast and central Pennsylvania and parts of New York. Rite-Temp also houses a comprehensive in-house sheet metal fabrication shop within their 25,000 square foot facility in Dalton, PA, conveniently located just 4.2 miles off the Clarks Summit Exit off Interstate 81 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike, on routes 6 West 11 North. For more information, visit Rite-Temp.

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