Astrology of Divorce or Separation in Horoscope

Astrology of Divorce or Separation in Horoscope

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These days, as the world is progressing towards economic empowerment and all round development, the family structure is by far the most neglected aspect in Indian social life.  Reasons for divorce are not just social in nature, but also have a strong astrological background. Certain yogas lead to divorce, the effect of which could be nullified using astrological remedies, but many do not avail their services. Let us discuss the indications of divorce in kundli.

Divorce Yog in kundali :

  • While Mars, Rahu, Saturn and Sun, rule the divorce trends it is the 4th house (happiness from Family,), 7th house (good marital life, ), 8th house (sex life and extra marital life) and 12th house (sexual pleasure).  Ascendant and 6th house that need to be looked up for the possibilities of divorce.

  • Moon and Venus, if associated with Rahu or Ketu indicate divorce yog in Kundali.

  • Conjunction of sun and an afflicted 7th lord in the seventh house, is a sure fire indication that signals divorce.

  • The sixth lord in 7th or the 7th lord in 6th, shows that the native’s marriage will fail.

  • Afflicted Venus in the 7th, 8th or 12th house predicts divorce trends.

  • Mars conjoined with a malefic in ascendant, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house may result in marital issues and separation.

  • When Mars aspects the 7th lord who is in 6th house may lead to an unpredictable and sudden divorce. In case Saturn aspects it, it also results in a long drawn battle in the family court and then ends up in divorce.

  • If Venus and Sun are conjoined in 2nd, 7th, 4th or 9th house, it results in divorce.


Doshas in kundali, can be due to several factors as listed below.


  • Mangal Dosha, occurs due to the placement of Mars in certain houses and it usually creates discord and problems.

  • Bhakoot Dosha occurs in the presence of certain moon sign combination in the charts of the couple. This makes the partners emotionally and financially insecure.

  • Nadi Dosha happens when Groom and bride are born under the same star and hence bound to suffer health problems, and infertility and complications in married life.

  • Gana dosha or incompatibility leads to discord in the marriage,


Marriage problems in kundali are of diverse types, some of them are listed below.


  • The couple are essentially mismatched if Mars, Ketu and exalted Venus occupy the square houses from the ascendant.

  • There will be constant fights between the couple if Mars is in ascendant or the7th

  • Venus afflicted in a female birth chart and Mars afflicted in a male chart shows rifts in conjugal life.

  • Sun in ascendant or 7th house, creates troubles in marriage

  • Family life suffers if there are malefic planets in the second house.

  • Venus with Mars, afflicted by inimical planets, it gives rise to extramarital relationships.

  • Saturn and mars in 4th with Rahu dampens the happiness in the family.

  • Presence of Dhan Yoga makes the native marry more than once, even multiple times.

  • If Rahu is in 7th with a malefic aspect, marriage will be a troubled one.

  • If Ketu is in the 7th house, he will never let the person enjoy the marital bliss.

  • If Ketu is with Venus, he will have clandestine relationships.

Remedies for Troubled Marriage:

The remedy for the person with problems of Mangal dosha, is to get him or her married to another person with the same dosha.  There are other ritualistic procedures but it is always better to listen to what the planets say and carryout nullifying remedies and correct the karmic consequences by following certain techniques to solve married life issues.

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Kundli Matching, or Gun Milan, involves the matching of the horoscopes of the couple.  The ashtakootas, or the eight attributes are matched in the horoscope and the maximum number a couple would score is 36. A minimum score of 18 is acceptable.

Astrologers can assess problems in partnership, of any kind, marriage, or business, to offer their solutions for rectification. They can predict when you are going to be married, at what age and to what kind of a partner. They can also predict breakups and reconciliation. All this they can do through even online marriage astrology consultation.

In these uncertain times, where marriage and divorces are happening within a split second, divorce has become an often heard word.  We must do something about it by consulting astrology that can offer so many remedies that can help reverse the persisting problem of incompatibility and inability to adjust.  It is the need of the hour to consult a good astrologer in order to bust the indications of divorce in kundli that haunt the young couples these days. Any specific issue, connect with my office @ +91 9999113366. God bless you with a happy marital bliss.


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