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Bathroom Fittings and Accessories Design With Experts

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Quality bathroom fittings are essential components of a design scheme and add value to the home. Current trends include smart and connected bath products, eco-friendly designs, minimalist styles and wellness features.

Small accessories, like towel bars and toilet paper holders, can help tie together a room’s decor style. When choosing accessories that complement the overall theme of your space – such as opting for minimally decorated yet sleek accessories in block colors for contemporary settings – choose accessories that reflect this fact.


Faucets are the centerpiece of your bathroom fittings, and selecting one requires careful consideration of many variables. Style (trends come and go, while some timeless classics such as brushed gold or matte black are timeless standbys) or color of finish can be an issue, but also take into account practical issues like mounting options or water-saving features when making this important decision.

Mounts for faucets determine how you install it on your sink, with deck mount being the most popular and straightforward to set up if there are enough holes in your sink or countertop. Centerset and widespread models offer flexibility when selecting which sink type they will work on.

When considering mounting, look for a faucet certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for use with drinking water. This will give you peace of mind that your new faucet has undergone rigorous tests and was found to contain only minimal impurities.

Other aspects to keep in mind when purchasing a sink faucet include its spout and handle design. When selecting your ideal fixture, look for styles that complement both your bathroom decor and other fixtures such as bath and shower faucets; additionally it would be wise to match its handles to other pieces of bathroom hardware such as cabinet knobs or pulls for optimal results.


As soon as you step foot into the shower, your goal should be to feel clean and refreshed. Upgrading to an exceptional showerhead can turn a simple daily pleasure into something truly enjoyable that you look forward to each time.

Showerheads come in various styles and finishes that complement your bathroom fixtures, enabling you to create your own signature look and feel. Choose from chrome, brushed nickel, bronze and matte black options for the perfect design scheme.

Wall Mounted Fixtures

Standard wall-mount shower heads are an economical and simple option that come in different designs, from basic ones with adjustable angles and modes, to more elaborate models featuring adjustable angles and multiple spray modes. Some even incorporate new technology which prevents hard water buildup and corrosion.

If you’re seeking to add an extra luxurious touch to your shower experience, a waterfall-style showerhead could be just what’s needed. These stunning designs evoke the feeling of standing in a rainforest while offering plenty of head shapes and finishes including round or square heads recessed in the ceiling or mounted on walls – with consumer demand growing quickly for multipurpose panels with innovative wellness features.

Towel Rails

A heated towel rail is an essential bathroom accessory, making your towels luxurious while adding warmth and elegance. Available in various shapes, sizes, and finishes to fit into almost any design scheme seamlessly.

Heated rails can be powered either with water or electricity, with electricity offering greater independence from a central heating system. Water-powered models typically depend on your central boiler being running; hydronic-heated homes will likely make use of both types of heated rails more suitable. Electric models, on the other hand, plug directly into power points or hardwire them directly with switches; either type can also be set with or without timers to be sure your towels remain toasty warm every morning before taking a bath or shower.

Combination rails combine both types, using hydronic heating to maintain temperature while an electrical element heats the rail itself. While this solution may be cost-effective, it only operates when your central heating is on; you can switch between electric and water operation at will allowing for maximum comfort throughout the year without wasteful energy consumption.


Storage should always be considered when designing a luxury bathroom. Not only can it serve as an efficient place for you to keep all of your toiletries, towels and linens organized but it can also add a striking aesthetic feature within the room. Our interior design specialists can ensure your storage meets both aesthetic and practical needs for maximum satisfaction.

When selecting storage options for your bathroom, it’s essential to take humidity levels into consideration. Moisture can wreak havoc on combustible items, increasing their volatility and thus the risk of fire. Therefore, any potentially flammable or toxic items must be kept out of direct sunlight in a secure storage area separate from where you bathe or shower.

Bathrooms have become more than functional wet cells; they’ve become spaces of calm, self-care, and creative expression. That’s why we collaborated with some of the world’s premier designers to offer personalized solutions for luxury master bathroom suites.

Adopting trendy elements into your bathroom is an effective way to inject personality, but be wary not to overdo it. Trends come and go quickly, so be wary when selecting features which will still look beautiful years from now. Opt for neutral accessories that can easily be restyled according to emerging fashions; this is especially important when selecting items such as mirrors and cabinet handles that will remain prominent fixtures of your space for some time.


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