Best Kids Yoga Props to Help Children Engage and Focus

Best Kids Yoga Props to Help Children Engage and Focus

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Yoga is a wonderful way for children to stay active, learn to calm their minds, and have fun all at the same time. Kids yoga helps them develop better concentration, flexibility, and balance. To make kids yoga even more exciting and beneficial, you can introduce some colorful and imaginative props. These props can help children engage better with their yoga practice and maintain their focus. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best kids yoga props that can turn yoga into an enjoyable adventure for your little ones.

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Yoga Mats: The Foundation of Kids Yoga

A soft and colorful yoga mat is a great starting point for kids’ yoga. It provides a comfortable and clean space for their practice, making yoga more inviting and fun. Think of a yoga mat as your child’s magic carpet. It’s soft, colorful, and their very own space to stretch and play. This mat is where all their yoga adventures begin, offering them a spot that feels just right under their tiny toes and fingers.

Yoga Blocks: Reach for the Stars

Yoga blocks come in kid-friendly sizes and can help children reach the floor during poses, providing support and stability. Blocks are like little stepping stones or helping hands. If there’s a pose that feels a bit too far to reach, these blocks help kids get there. They can step on them, rest their hands, or even sit – making it easier and safer to explore new moves.

Yoga Straps: Stretching Made Easy

Imagine a stretchy band that helps kids reach their toes or link their hands behind them. That’s what a yoga strap does! It’s like an extension of their arms, helping them stretch just a little bit more without any strain. Yoga straps can make stretching exercises more accessible, allowing children to extend their arms and legs comfortably.

Yoga Balls: Balance and Play

Small yoga balls can add an element of play to yoga, helping children improve their balance and coordination. These aren’t your regular play balls. Yoga balls challenge kids to sit, balance, or lean on them, making yoga sessions playful. They can help in improving how kids balance themselves and can bring out giggles too.

Yoga Cushions: Comfort and Calm

Soft cushions or bolsters can be used during relaxation and meditation, offering comfort and promoting a sense of calm. Yoga cushions are like fluffy clouds that kids can sit on or lean against. Especially when it’s time to relax or take a breather, these cushions offer comfort and make the floor feel like the coziest bed.

Animal-themed Props: Roar like a Lion!

Props like animal masks or stuffed animals can make yoga sessions more playful and engaging, encouraging kids to mimic animal movements and sounds. Using props like masks or soft toys that look like animals can turn yoga into a playful zoo adventure. Kids can pretend to be lions, birds, or frogs, merging fun stories with yoga moves.

Breathing Balls: Mindful Breathing

Breathing balls are a great tool to teach kids mindful breathing. As they expand and contract, children can match their breath to the ball’s movement, promoting relaxation. A breathing ball is like a magic orb that grows bigger and smaller. As kids watch it expand and shrink, they can breathe in and out with it. It’s a fun way to show kids how to take deep, calming breaths.

Yoga Cards: Fun with Poses

Yoga pose cards featuring colorful illustrations can make it easy for kids to understand and practice various yoga poses. These cards are like a deck of fun challenges. Each card shows a yoga pose with colorful pictures, making it easier for kids to see, learn, and try them out.


So, kids yoga isn’t just about twisting and turning. It’s a mix of fun stories, challenges, and playtime. And with these props, every yoga session can feel like a new adventure. Whether it’s reaching for the stars with a yoga block or roaring like a lion with an animal mask, every prop adds a sprinkle of joy and learning.

Kids yoga can be a fantastic way for children to stay active and cultivate mindfulness. By introducing these creative yoga props, you can enhance their experience, making yoga enjoyable, engaging, and educational. Encourage your little ones to embark on a yoga adventure filled with fun, focus, and fitness!

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