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Best Universal Car Accessories to Have

Whether you have a brand-new automobile or the new-car smell has long since faded from your ride, adding a few cheap car accessories will help your ride feel more modern and unique. The universal car accessories the experts have found here will add entertainment value to your car. 

Some improve an older car’s functionality, while others apply to all types of automobiles. Others, such as universal car mats, can customise your vehicle and make you more noticeable on the road.

Versatile car accessories make beautiful presents for other vehicle enthusiasts

  • Car Covers

Having an automobile in India is a unique experience. If you don’t have a garage, you can spend a lot of mornings cleaning your car because your expected helper hasn’t shown up yet.

But relatively few take the time to maintain their automobiles clean and free of grit. If your automobile has a cover in such a scenario, all you would need to do each morning is remove the cover, get in, and start the engine.

  • Cleaning Cloth

A drawback of retaining a car cover is that utilising it after leaving your car at work might make you look foolish. Universal car accessories like a cleaning cloth might be helpful in this situation because parked vehicles can also become dirty. 

You wouldn’t have to put up with a car that wasn’t as clean as when you drove it from your home to your office if you used a cleaning cloth to remove the dirt, dust, and other particles. You can no longer use any fabric to clean your automobile because doing so could damage the paint.

  • Both Floor Mats and Seat Covers

The experts start by covering the outside of the car before moving inside, where you will be using your automobile most of the time. Nowadays, many vehicles come standard with floor mats and seat covers as options or additions that dealers sell as necessities. But most of the time, these universal car accessories fall short of your expectations regarding meeting your demands. 

Take seat coverings and floor mats as an illustration. You don’t want to scratch the factory seat covers in your automobile because they will help you sell it for a fair price. The same is true for your car’s floor mats; if you don’t want to damage the interior, you need to buy good ones.

  • Air Freshener

Car maintenance is a laborious process. Maintaining it from top to bottom in a mechanically sound and orderly manner requires a lot of labour. You would never want to sit in an unpleasant environment, regardless of how pristine your car’s inside is.

No! No! The professionals are not evaluating your cleaning abilities. They advise against taking a chance after spending so much time and energy maintaining your car. Invest in a great air freshener to feel good when driving. Driving won’t feel like a chore if your car smells good.

  • An Air Compressor And Pressure Gauge For Tyres

If you’re already planning to buy a car puncture repair kit, why not invest the money on a tyre pressure gauge and inflator? Hear the experts out. Even if you have mended a flat tyre on your vehicle, it will not be able to move on a deflated tyre.

By always carrying a tyre inflator and pressure gauge, you can quickly and efficiently re-inflate the deflated tyres on your car. Furthermore, if you properly maintain your car’s tires, they can last all their service life.

  • Parking Cameras and Sensors

People are finding it harder and harder to park their automobiles properly in car parking spaces as the spots get increasingly full. Parking sensors and cameras have helped you avoid a lot of trouble, not to mention damaged vehicles and high repair costs. 

Parking sensors and cameras are standard equipment in certain cars, but experts believe that not all car owners can use these technologies.

  • Mobile Vacuum Cleaner

This item is essential if you have kids and drive a lot with them. No matter how much you try to discipline children, chances are they will get a little disorganised when forced to sit still for an extended period. They can drop the meal or spill the drink. A hoover cleaner will help maintain the area clean in this situation. 

A hoover cleaner may also save you a tonne of hassle when cleaning the inside of your car and preventing germs growth if you travel with your pet.


The shops in India might not carry all of the accessories above. You can look for them online, though, and have them delivered. We at Carorbis are willing to considering your more comprehensive suggestions for universal car accessories. Start by getting in touch with us online to get a free quotation right away.

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