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Beverage Boxes: Sustainable Packaging Solutions for the Drink Industry

For the many different types of products present in the market, there tend to be different types of packaging solutions for them. Every business can customize packaging and create something unique that can stand out. Beverages include liquid goods and these need their type of packaging.

Beverage boxes play the role of protecting the product and marketing it to people looking for the type of beverage a brand is selling. Sustainable packaging is trending and beverage brands are now focusing on getting packaging that will not harm the environment. It is possible to get eco-friendly packaging that will protect the beverages and not pollute the environment.

The following looks at sustainable packaging solutions in the drink industry:

Use of Sustainable Packaging Material

If your beverage business is aiming to protect the environment and show people that they care about it, it is important to have sustainable packaging. The packaging must not pollute the earth but should be recyclable, reusable, renewable, and/or biodegradable. Packaging such as this is trending and shows a brand as being forward-thinking.

You will need the boxes to be strong and eco-friendly. Packaging material like cardboard, corrugated cardboard, or Kraft falls in this category. Beverage boxes made from these packaging materials can protect your beverages and will also not harm the environment with their pollution.

Size of Packaging

The main aim of cardboard beverage packaging should be to keep the beverage bottles safe inside. For this, you will need a strong box and as discussed above, sturdy packaging material will be perfect here. On top of this, the size of the box needs to be right as well. The right size packaging can protect the beverage bottles as they will not move around much inside and they will also not be congested within, if a small box is being used.

According to how many bottles you want to place in the box and also keeping their size in mind, you should make a box that will perfectly fit them in. If you need to leave room around the beverage bottle as you wish to place filler material, make sure you only leave the right amount of room.

When the box is the right size, you will be using less packaging material so conserve it. These boxes will take less space when their transportation is occurring as well.

Printing the Packaging

Brands that want printed beverage packaging to be perfect need to print the box in a way so that it will not harm the environment. When printing is done carelessly, the boxes will not be sustainable. You need to use ink that will not harm the eco-friendly properties of the packaging.

Eco-friendly inks will be good here. Printing inks as well as toners have traditionally included dangerous chemicals which have a role to play in air and water pollution. But, there now are environmentally friendly options available. Vegetable-based inks that tend to be generated from sustainable resources like soy, maize, and linseed oil, have become popular.

The inks are said to be biodegradable and give out less volatile organic compounds. They even possess a limited carbon footprint when compared to petroleum-based rivals. You can use inks like these to print on the packaging.

Design Attractively

It is possible to make the packaging look amazing even if your brand favors sustainability. You need to design beverage boxes wholesale attractively if it is to stand out and draw people’s attention.

You can use eco-friendly inks to do this. It is important to add a brand logo and brand details on the packaging because the boxes need to be able to increase brand awareness. People need to know about a company and a brand logo is helpful for this.

You can even use colors to make the packaging stand out and attract. According to your consumer base, use colors that will attract them. For example, if you are selling an energy drink and want to give the impression of energy, yellow will work. If a brand is selling an expensive drink and wants to give the impression of sophistication, black can be used.

A brand can also include images on the packaging if they relate to the product. They should not confuse people. For example, you can include a delicious-looking picture of the beverage within the box.

To make your beverage product stand out in the competitive industry, you can focus on making custom beverage packaging look amazing. It is a good idea to have sustainable packaging if you want something that most people will prefer.

You can design the boxes well to make your target audience drawn to them so that they can notice your product and think about buying it. Packaging can do this when you design it carefully.

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