Can a Phone Repair Shop Restore Data From a Broken Phone?

Can a Phone Repair Shop Restore Data From a Broken Phone?

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Did you just break your phone and are now worried about the data on your phone? Fortunately, reputed phone repair shops offer data recovery solutions. They possess advanced tools and have a team of expert technicians who know how to handle sensitive data.


However, you must ensure you select a reputed repair store to avail of data recovery services to ensure privacy.  Trusted stores understand your need for privacy when it comes to data-related issues. Hence, their team will go to great lengths to ensure your data remains safe, protected, and secure.


Recovering data from a broken phone depends on the extent of damage. However, if the device is severely damaged and cannot be repaired, the phone repair pros will transfer your important data from the broken phone to an external device or cloud storage.


How Can a Phone Repair Shop Restore Data From a Damaged Phone?

Here is how the experts at reputed stores will restore data from your damaged mobile phone.

Assess the Damage

The first thing that the technicians at a repair store will do is to examine your mobile phone inside out. They will assess the type of damage done and the severity of the damage to determine the best way to restore data. They will use advanced tools and equipment to check if the damage done is hardware or software related.

Data Recovery Tools

Technicians at reputed phone repair shops have advanced data recovery tools that enable them to access the data stores on a mobile phone even if its screen is damaged or the device is not turning on. They will use these advanced tools to access the internals of your damaged mobile phone.

Repair the Phone

If the damage done to the mobile is external. The technicians will focus on fixing the physical damage done to the phone. They will replace the damaged components, whether it is a broken phone screen, problematic speakers, power button, or camera, and try to fix your phone to restore its functionality.

Extract the Data

After the phone repair process, the technicians will extract the data from your mobile phone. They may connect your phone to a computer to do that or use a data recovery tool to access the internals of the phone that have been corrupted due to the damage caused and restore them.

Backup Restoration

Once the data has been securely restored, the technicians will perform a backup to your device to ensure you do not have to worry about lost data any more. They will either restore the data on an external hard drive or use cloud storage.


With this option, you do not have to worry about the damaged mobile phone and the data stored in it because you can easily access the data from the cloud storage or the external hard drive in which you backed up your data.

Data Transfer Services

Some reputed phone repair shops also offer data transfer services. They offer this service in case the damaged phone cannot be repaired. This service allows you to transfer the data stored in the damaged to an external hard drive so that you do not have to lose crucial information and data.


In short, yes. A phone repair shop can restore data from a broken mobile phone. They will assess the damage done, perform the necessary repairs to restore the functioning of your phone, use data recovery tools to access the internal storage of your device and perform a backup so you do not have to worry about lost data any more.

However, if the damage done to your device is severe and beyond repair, the repair store may also offer data transfer services through which you can access the internal storage of your damaged phone and transfer it to some external storage.

However, you must ensure you select a reputed store for this purpose to ensure the privacy of your personal information. Technicians at stores like Mobile Montreal are professionals who know how to handle sensitive information. They will handle your data securely and ensure your privacy is not invaded during the entire data recovery process.

We hope you find this information helpful. For any concerns of queries, refer to the FAQ section listed below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can phone repair shops access your phone?

Yes, the experts at repair stores need access to your phone to diagnose the problem and perform the required repairs.

  1. Will I lose everything if I fix my phone?

The experts at reputed repair stores know how to handle sensitive data, and they understand its importance. Therefore, they will ensure you do not lose important data when getting your phone fixed.

  1. Who can recover data from my phone?

Reputed stores that offer services for recovering data and have a team of professionals who can help recover data from your broken phone.

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