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Content vs. Sales Strategy: Everything You Need To Know

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Both content strategy and sales strategy are very important concepts in marketing. However, they are differentiated by some aspects regarding action plans and expectations.

For this reason, in this article, we tell you the difference between sales strategy and content strategy and what the expectations are that surround each one.

Difference between sales and content strategy:

Content strategy

A content strategy must propose clear objectives, taking into account the audience to which it is directed, what topics it will offer, the tone, and the different formats through which said content will be transmitted.

Likewise, it should also include an analysis that will help to know what things do not work and should be improved and/or changed, as well as what things work and should be kept the same or even encouraged even more.

Content is one of the most important things in marketing. A good content strategy is a way of envisioning the use of that content within a given organization.

All content that is used has to have a reason, about the company, that is, it must be aligned with its objectives.

The purpose of the content strategy is to help build a brand and establish it in an interesting, valuable way that stands out as an authority within the industry in which it operates.


Sales strategy

For its part, a sales strategy entails an approach that allows an organization’s sales force to position the company and its services or products in a way that addresses the target customer in a differentiated and distinguished way.

More specifically, it is the action plan that a company carries out, to sell its products or services and position them in such a way that they differentiate itself from the competition and are chosen by potential buyers.

The purpose of these strategies has to do precisely with increasing not only sales but also knowing your customers better to sell them more and better in the future.

There are various techniques, but most focus on knowing the consumer, and above all, understanding their needs. Likewise, they also focus on exploring the advantages of the product offered and above all, the benefits that the customer will obtain by consuming your product or service, as well as the possible objections that may arise from customers.

The sales strategy, then, focuses on finding a target audience to present the product in the best possible way. This can only be achieved by understanding the real needs of potential clients.



Sales strategies as well as content strategy entail different approaches and, therefore, different actions, with different purposes and expectations.

Because content is the cornerstone of a marketing message, focusing on the use of content will help you define objectives and priorities. In addition, it will allow you to offer added value, which goes beyond the commercial product or service, also presenting yourself as a kind of trusted advisor rather than as a seller.

The image of the aggressive salesperson is a thing of the past, and the content strategy comes to account for this as well.

So, we can say that the sales strategy focuses more on finding the user’s need, with the purpose of selling, while the content strategy offers added value and a sales team that seeks to position themselves as advisors and quality references in the subject that encompasses the product or service offered.

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