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Fantasy sports and games have been in existence for quite some time now and provide the best way to maximise fun for a sport. Besides, they also offer opportunities to play and enjoy oneself without any limits. However, to access these, one requires an online ID, which is often freely accessible on fantasy sports platforms like BB Games. A free online cricket ID, or online Betting ID, offers several benefits and advantages to the holder. But what is it really, and how do you get one? What steps are necessary to create a free online ID on the fantasy sports platforms?

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What is a Free Online ID on BB Games?

Whether you love fantasy cricket, football, or Kabaddi, an online cricket ID is a necessity. Fantasy sports platforms ensure you get the best services via free registration and the issuance of an online ID.

Steps to Creating Your Free Online ID with BB Games

  1. Get the link via WhatsApp and proceed to complete the registration, filling in all the vital blank spaces.
  2. Ensure filling out all personal information details, like full name, phone number, residential and official address, and other details.
  3. Once confirmation of registration is done via verification notices, your basic registration is done.
  4. Proceed to make playing and betting deposits in your online ID account via multiple payment channels like UPI, NEFT, or RGGS. This simplifies even more background checks.
  5. You can now select which sport or match you wish to take a chance on by placing wagers. It can be the IPL or the Cricket World Cup for cricket fans and players.
  6. Learn more about the cricket match playing and even betting rules, which include different specific words for a ball, bowling action, batting action, wicket positions, and fielding stances. It helps you progress in your play with 100% focus and attention.
  7. Confirm your game bets and play to lock in the wagers. With success in the game encounter, you receive payments in your player accounts or by direct transfer into a connected bank account.
  8. You can start playing instantly once you have fulfilled all the registration requirements.

What Are the Benefits of an Online Cricket ID with BB Games?

  • Increase or improve your cricket skills with the diverse ideas and methods on the platform.
  • Play and earn from your cricket matches and contests with a win. You can bet on your favourite matches and tournaments.
  • With the BB Games online cricket ID, you can fully unlock your potential and evaluate your success levels.
  • Take the best gaming, playing, and betting decisions based on researched trends and trajectory. Playing fantasy sports can be entertaining and fun when you make the right decisions.


BB Games is the best fantasy sports platform and trusted online cricket ID provider in India. The platform provides seamless ways to create a free online cricket ID to facilitate playing and earning. A cricket online ID is the best launchpad to amazing fantasy sporting experiences while also letting you earn from your favourite games and matches. 

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