Darussalam: Authentic Islamic Books Every Non-Muslim Must Read

Darussalam”While seeking to be His beloved, you need to be informed about what choices Allah expects you to make in your life. Here’s a list of 5 things to learn from Mushaf Madinah about how to live your life.

  1. You should recognise Allah as the Supreme Power darussalam, Lord, and Master of all worlds and worldly beings. It is important to remember that he provides for the world and also safeguards it from all evil.
  2. You should choose to improve or better the lives of others and avoid disgracing them in any manner.
  3. You should value the heavenly life more than the worldly life. The world is joyful and beautiful, but it still contains sin and suffering. The heavens are above all worldly shortcomings.
  4. You should use the worldly life to prove your obedience to Allah because you might never get a second chance.
  5. You strive to distribute your resources equally among the people bestowed upon you by Allah.
    Islamic literature is modern and rich. It reflects the culture and beliefs of the religion.
    Here’s a list of authentic Islamic books—the authentic Quran in Farsi—that every non-Muslim must read for a better understanding of Islam.

Muhammad and darussalam an online Islamic book

The two best books darussalam for non-Muslims to educate them on Islamic literature is written in English by Michael Cook. He is a non-Muslim himself but writes with great wit and deep understanding. These books are also written in a short and crisp manner.

Darussalam: A Very Short Introduction and Muhammad

Rumi: The mediaeval poet’s mystic poems about life and death are brilliant and moving, no matter what religion you may believe in.

Other scriptures: Most non-Muslims think Islamic texts only comprise

In reality darussalam, it is more than that. It includes a huge collection of words and deeds by subsequent Muslim authors after Muhammad.

For more information on Islamic literature, check out onlineislamicbook.com.

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