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Best Digital Marketing Interview Questions for Beginners

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Did you know that the average digital marketing salary for beginners/freshers in India ranges from Rs 3 lacs to Rs 4 lacs per annum. Digital marketing has now become a career for thousands of individuals across the globe all because of its flexibility and the amount of income you can earn from this profession. (Source: UpGrad)

As a fresher in digital marketing we often get confused, on how we can crack the digital marketing interview for the best paying job around us? Well, for that you can go through the following tips:

  • Prior to your interview, research all about the company and their digital marketing strategies so that you can learn about the company’s goals and the ways you can contribute to it.
  • Prepare an important digital marketing interview questionnaire for yourself from which you will get the answers to the most asked questions in the industry.
  • After getting all the basic digital marketing questions, prepare your digital marketing interview answer and practice them as they will confirm all the experience and skills you have for the relevant position.

You should always know by heart what kind of questions can be asked during your interview. To help you with that we have also come up with the list of the frequently asked digital marketing questions in 2024.

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Digital Marketing Interview Questions-Answers for Beginners in 2024

This blog is your personal guide for all the  digital marketing interview questions from technical to common, so go through the following list and do your best in your first interview.

  1. Why did you choose digital marketing as your career?

I chose digital marketing as my career because it is creative, offers constant growth and has a bright future. And with this digital marketing has also become important to every organization which gave me more clarity to join this industry.

  1. What do you understand by the term ‘Digital Marketing’?

For me, digital marketing is all about strategies used for online marketing . It usually consists of various techniques like SEM, SEO, PPC and Affiliate marketing etc. 

  1. Which digital marketing software and platforms are you familiar with?

I am fluent with different digital marketing programs for social media, affiliate marketing and PPC. I use software like Hootsuite for scheduling posts and engaging with my followers on social media.  For affiliate marketing, I use OSI software that helps me with automated partnerships and referral programs. I am also certified in paid search platforms like Google Ads.

  1. Mention those areas where you can use keywords to optimize your site ranking.

For better site ranking you can use keywords in your website URL, website title, meta tag, body text and headlines. 

  1. Tell me when do you know of an unsuccessful campaign?

If I talk about my experience, I had my unsuccessful campaign last year when I worked with my client on a content marketing campaign for the festive season. The project only received 45% of its brand awareness goal, which made me realize that the budget was too small and our goals were too high. While leading this campaign, I learned different lessons on how to be more realistic at the time we set our goals. 

  1. What is the biggest challenge you think that digital marketers face today?

In my opinion , digital marketers are facing problems in producing great results for today’s overpopulated industry. They can only overcome this situation, if they give 15-20% of their work time to understand new trends and techniques in the market.

  1. How do you keep yourself updated with the latest trends of digital marketing?

To stay updated, I use different resources that are present online for the digital marketing trends such as Wordstream Blog, Neil Patel Blog etc.

  1. What do you think is an ideal approach to an effective PPC campaign?

For my PPC campaigns, I try to add more and more PPC keywords to increase the reach. After that I divide the advertisements in smaller sections to make click through rate (CTR) go higher. Lastly, I review all the non-working  keywords and improve my campaign by adding negative keywords. 

  1. What are the 3 key aspects of digital marketing ?

In my opinion the three key aspects of digital marketing are:

  • Traffic
  • Sales
  • Insights
  1. Explain a time when your team did not agree with you on something and how did you manage that issue?

It happened recently with my social media marketing campaign, where my team did not agree with my strategies. I asked each member of my team about concerns and after that as a team we discussed all the pros and cons, then modified our strategies accordingly and carried out a successful campaign. 

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We hope that with the help of these 10 digital marketing interview questions you will ace your first digital marketing interview. We will update the questions frequently when there will be new developments made in the area of digital marketing. In the meantime practice hard and all the best for your interview.

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