Does FUT Hair Transplant Surgery Hurt?

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Whenever one thinks about a hair transplant, selecting the best method becomes challenging for many. FUT and FUE are the two popular hair transplant techniques. FUT is a traditional method, whereas FUE is an advanced minimally invasive technique. Many consider FUT a painful procedure and move towards its alternative method. Does a FUT hair transplant hurt? Regarding this, one may get help from this blog.

In this blog, we have added insights from experts of FUT hair transplant in Gurgaon and other places of Delhi NCR. Based on the insights, this blog will help you with the procedure, benefits, and risks associated with the FUT method. Hence, consider this post before deciding on hair restoration treatment.

What is a FUT Hair Transplant?

FUT stands for Follicular Unit Transplantation. It is the primary method for hair restoration. The method is typically a surgical procedure that includes implanting the hair strips. The detailed procedure for FUT hair transplant is as follows-

  • Examining the candidate’s bald scalp and measuring the degree of hair loss
  • Examining the candidate’s overall health
  • I am injecting general and local anesthesia and making the candidate partially or fully numb.
  • Examining the donor area, it usually can be the backside of the scalp. 
  • Extracting strips containing multiple hairs from the donor area.
  • I am making an incision on the recipient area and implanting the strip on it.

FUT hair transplant may take 2 to 3 hours, depending upon the severity of baldness. Once the patient comes to the senses, the candidate can go home.

Does FUT Hair Transplant Hurt?

FUT hair transplant is a surgical procedure; hence, pain during and after treatment is evident. However, a skilled surgeon keeps the patient’s comfort in mind and uses anesthesia to make the procedure painless. In addition, the doctor prescribes post-operative instructions to manage the discomfort and make the recovery smooth. Some of these post-operative hair transplant guidelines are as follows-

  • Medication on time
  • Keeping the treated scalp untouched 
  • Stopping taking alcohol and smoke
  • Avoiding weight pulling and exercise

Post-operative care for FUT hair transplant usually takes one to two months to recover, but it gives a more realistic outcome.

Benefits of FUT Hair Transplant

FUT hair transplant offers a wide range of benefits. Some of the benefits are as follows-

  • It is a speedy treatment.
  • It gives a more realistic outcome.
  • FUT is a more cost-effective method than others
  • It provides long-lasting outcome


FUT hair transplant is a surgical procedure. So, discomfort during and after the procedure is obvious. However, following strict post-operative care, one can overcome the pain and downtime of the surgical procedure. Hair transplant surgeons also play a vital role in making the treatment more comfortable. Regarding this, one can visit Citrine Clinic and schedule an appointment with Dr. Niti Gaur. The doctor is skilled in hair restoration treatments and is renowned as the best skin specialist in Gurgaon for offering effective skin and hair treatments.

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