How to draw a treasure chest

How to draw a treasure chest

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While privateers represented a threat when they meandered the seven oceans, they became romanticized in writing and film, and numerous symbols are related to them. One of the most exemplary privateer figures of speech is that of a money box loaded with plunder to cover, and figuring out how to draw a money box can be a great method for envisioning that large number of privateer spoilers! To envision what it might be, want to be a daring marauder, and then, at that point, this will be the ideal instructional exercise for you! This bit-by-bit guide on the most proficient method to draw a money box will tell you the best way to envision your private refuge. If you are looking for drawing ideas, cool drawings, lion drawing easy cute drawings, drawing for kids, cartoon drawings, girl drawing, 3d drawing and many more, then you are at the right place, here you will get all of these drawings.

Stage 1:

In this initial step of our aid on the best way to draw a money box, we will begin with the chest diagram. For this step, you should utilize a ruler if you have one convenient, as we intend to have straight edges for the storage compartment and top. For the launch of the chest and the top, we will attract two square shapes associated with one another. The reference picture will direct you to what point these square shapes should be. The base square shape will likewise have a couple of little spaces where the fortune will pour out. At last, add an adjusted line to the right half of the cover, then, at that point, define a couple of straight boundaries from the sides of the last one. At last, we will draw a moved-up card emerging from inside the chest.


A money box is as great as the fortune it contains, and it seems to be whoever stuffed it had a regal gathering! In this piece of your money box drawing, we will draw an extravagant crown on a little cushion for certain coins. This crown will be put at the base left of the chest, and we will utilize a mix of bent and straight lines to draw it. There will likewise be a little adjusted crown on top; afterward, you can draw the crown. The cushion on which he rests. Before the following stage, you can likewise involve adjusted shapes for certain pieces close to the crown.

Stage 3:

In this step of our aid, we’ll add more fortunes to the picture on the best way to draw a money box. In this step, we will show you a portion of the fortunes we envisioned in this chest. However, you ought to feel free. To add some other bits of fortune you’d like! We added a few additional roundabout shapes to flaunt some additional pieces inside the chest. Then, at that point, we added heaps of little circles associated with one another to show a few strings of pearls tumbling from the chest. These dots will likewise fill in some of the more modest holes you left in the edge. At last, we added a few little three-sided shapes for some of the jewels jutting from the crowd.

Stage 4:

In this fourth piece of drawing your money box, we will get away from the fortune until further notice and spotlight on a portion of the subtleties of the actual chest. To begin with, add one more rectangular shape inside the border of the cover frame for the inside piece of the top. Then, add a sporadic bent line on the left side. Once these are drawn, you can add a few straight lines for a wooden impact. Then, draw square shapes inside the borders of the front and sides of the chest, and add straight lines for a more wooden surface.

Stage 5:

Before we add variety in the last step of this aid on the most proficient method to draw a money box, we will initially add a few bits of fortune to polish it off. Here, you can get imaginative and add more. Exceptional fortune pieces are in the picture. Concerning what we added, we drew a few coins stacked on one another, a few additional beaded neckbands, and a few little bottles. These are the sorts of pieces we would add to this crowd. Brisket, however, what else might you consider to add to it?

Stage 6:

It is the right time to wrap up drawing your money box by adding astounding varieties that will truly rejuvenate it! In our model picture, we kept the fortune colors splendid by consolidating yellows, reds, and other brilliant varieties. Then, at that point, for the storage compartment, we utilized light tans and grays individually for the lush and metallic parts. We picked These varieties; however, use others, assuming you wish! You can likewise have a great time picking the Workmanship Mediums you like.

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