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The Academy is a purely practical path of professional growth and study, having as its theme a series of tools, solutions and contents for effective teaching of driving instructors, based on the International Principles of Learning.

Who is the Drive lab Academy for?

For those who want to get involved and have no problem making mistakes in order to learn and who, even after many years, never feel like they have arrived;

For those who truly believe in this profession and are constantly looking to find new effective automatic driving lessons teaching solutions;

Those who have an open mind and who are not satisfied with staying in their comfort zone in order to improve themselves.

What is Drive lab Academy not?

This is not a one-day course where most of the time you listen to theoretical things without putting them into practice, with adequate time for each participant;

It is not a course where at the end of the day you are left to your own devices and have no assistance to ask what to do with that student or in that circumstance;

It is not a course made by trainers, who don’t even know what it means to have 3 first automatic car instructor lessons in a row or the stress of jumping in and out of the car, and not even having time to go to the bathroom.


The main objective is to spread a Professional and Effective System for Teaching Car Driving: Effective, because it is based on the principles of learning and the functioning of the human brain; Professional because it is a system that uses a well-defined, measurable and transferable protocol.

The short-term objective of the Drive lab Academy is to:

Provide a Teaching System Adaptable to all types of students, so as not to just pass the exam but actually teach how to drive

Having a System that is a very precise Teaching Protocol so that driving instructors, within the same driving school, can exchange students without creating stress for them and suffering in silence (“I teach this thing differently…”)

While in the long term it has the ambition of:

Having a Teaching System that is used by the majority of Driving Instructors in Italy and which is therefore recognized as a protocol of excellence for teaching driving and which can be a tool for the recognition of our professional figure within the our company


The course is divided into 3 meetings for a total of 7 days, with moments both in the classroom but above all with lots and lots of practice in the car.

1st meeting:

Personal Driving and the importance of consistency between how we drive and how we teach our students.

Road reading through the perception of driving and the anticipation of road situations arising from traffic.

  • The importance of looking when driving vehicles
  • Introduction to the Decomposed Guidance System:
  • How it was born and what it consists of
  • Purpose of a Professional Teaching System in your everyday work
  • Benefits for the student, for the driving instructor and for the driving school

2nd meeting

The first driving lesson

  • Module 1: Driving position – Curves and turns – Use of the steering wheel – Look and perception while driving
  • Module 2: Accelerator – Adequate speed – Correct use of the brake – Emergency braking

3rd meeting

  • Module 3: The Change –
  • Module 4: The Friction – Uphill start


Following the introduction of the timed course for motorcycle exams which REQUIRES GREATER SKILLS, for driving instructors, much more specific on the sense of balance and gaze. Always starting from the basic principles of learning and the Command Breakdown System. We have tested and retested on our students the balance exercises preparatory to the exam. As well as a TEACHING PROTOCOL for the student who wants to obtain. A driving license without limitations but who until yesterday he barely rode a bicycle.

This is why Drive lab MOTO Academy was born, a training weekend entirely spent in the square


  • Safety Devices and Clothing
  • Driving Posture
  • Technique for securing the parked motorbike
  • Balance management and awareness of contraceptive stimuli
  • Management of visual stimuli and use of gaze
  • The system based on the breakdown of commands applied to the 2 wheels
  • Management of controls and in particular braking
  • How to explain the use of the gearbox and the clutch without having dual controls
  • Generating working memory in the visual-spatial context
  • Dynamic exercises: slow and then fast – applying correct posture and gaze
  • Balance, speed and gaze in the skittles test

The 2 Urban Legends

“The decomposed system is rigid and when there are students who have already tried at home it is a problem”

The system, however, is customization and based on the student’s starting level you start from one point compared to another

Noon! The decomposed system is divided into modules and each module is absolutely not equivalent to a single automatic driving instructors near me

“The decomposed system is perceived by customers way to get more guides done”

Absolutely not, its delivered correctly. In fact, it reduces stress for students starting from scratch

Who are the trainers?

They are automatic driving lessons in Coventry instructors who are no better than those participating but only people who began a research and study journey before you.

They are driving instructors who have invested a lot of time and energy in experimenting with what they studied and learned around UK and applied on their own students. Therefore with different paths but above all different students.

The trainers spent time and energy fine-tuning the System, making mistakes, sharing students’ experiences and situations. Therefore, by participating in the Drive lab Academy you will have the opportunity to acquire the Teaching System. Speeding up the time as you will avoid wasting time seeing what works and what doesn’t work.

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