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Eseye: Pioneering Tomorrow’s IoT Connectivity Solutions with a Device-First Approach

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In the fast-paced realm of the Internet of Things (IoT), where innovation is the currency, Eseye has carved a niche with its distinctive device-first approach. Specializing in turning tomorrow’s IoT ideas into today’s reality, Eseye stands as a beacon for those seeking expertise in IoT device design, hardware, and connectivity. This article delves into the company’s unique approach, its IoT device design process, and success stories that underscore its prowess in the field.

Making Tomorrow’s IoT Ideas a Reality Today

Eseye’s commitment to innovation starts with its device-first philosophy. By prioritizing the device, the company ensures that the foundation of any IoT project is robust, setting the stage for success. The promise of turning tomorrow’s ideas into today’s reality is not just a belief but a testament to Eseye’s dedication to staying at the forefront of IoT advancements.

IoT Device Design Process: From Ideation to Prototyping

Jon Darley, Eseye’s Director of Things, leads the charge in the company’s IoT devices. From ideation to prototyping and development, Eseye employs a comprehensive approach to bring IoT concepts to life. This involves specialized expertise in IoT device design, hardware, and connectivity, ensuring that every step of the process is optimized for success.

Real-Time IoT Data: Accelerating Project Progress

Eseye’s team is positioned as a strategic partner, ready to consult and help customers to realize lasting value from global IoT projects. It all starts with getting the device right and designing it for optimal IoT performance so that it can deliver on the business case. By offering highly available and reliable global cellular coverage, Eseye empowers clients to get to market faster, providing them with a competitive edge. The emphasis is not just on speed but on delivering solutions that are both innovative and scalable, aligning with the evolving landscape of IoT technologies.

IoT Device Design: Building for Today and Tomorrow

Eseye’s team of hardware engineers recommend taking a ‘Connected-by-Design’ approach to IoT. In order for devices to function in different environments, they must be designed to maintain connectivity and be able to recover connection when necessary. Eseye’s “Define, Design, Refine” approach ensures a thorough understanding of client needs, collaboration in the design and testing phases, and continuous refinement to ensure IoT device connectivity is resilient, robust and ready for deployment. Eseye’s extensive experience, having designed and deployed a significant number of different IoT device types across various industries, positions them as a reliable partner to get to market faster.

IoT Hardware & Software as One: Maximizing Connectivity

Eseye’s unique strength lies in having both IoT hardware and firmware design resources in-house. This integration ensures that their products are not only optimized for current needs but are future-proofed to meet the technologies of tomorrow. The emphasis on maximizing connectivity, preserving battery life, and ensuring overall performance highlights the company’s commitment to providing holistic solutions.

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Success Stories

AmericanPharma leverages advanced intelligent device connectivity, provided by Eseye, to enhance PharmaWatch reliability and facilitate global expansion. Initially relying on Wi-Fi, the PharmaWatch devices faced connectivity issues due to varying network robustness and increasing healthcare industry security measures. AmericanPharma’s early cellular system addressed some concerns but had limitations. After extensive research, Eseye emerged as the ideal IoT connectivity partner, offering a market-leading solution that ensures reliable operation over cellular networks. This partnership not only enhances customer service but also unlocks the global data connectivity capabilities required for AmericanPharma’s expansion beyond the US.Top of Form

Eseye’s success stories speak volumes about the effectiveness of their IoT device design approach. One notable case study is Telli Health, where Eseye played a crucial role in achieving IoT Device eUICC Certification in the US. The results were impressive, with a 94% reduction in support costs, an 80% faster patient onboarding process, and an 87.5% improvement in unique daily data transmissions.

The on-device connectivity intelligence provided by SMARTconnect™ enables simultaneous optimization across multiple device constraints and can support future networks and operators. The ability to recover from network outages provides complete security and peace of mind for customers with global IoT deployments.

AmericanPharma, a specialist in cold chain management, particularly benefited from this capability in July 2022 when Rogers Communications experienced a massive network outage that affected all of its Canadian customers. While the wireless radio connection remained active, the end-to-end data path was down. This meant there was no way to identify the issue and switch networks. As a result, most IoT devices across Rogers’ network were offline for the full 19 hours.

All of AmericanPharma’s PharmaWatch devices with AnyNet SMARTconnect™ and AnyNet+ eSIM embedded were able to recover connectivity within 30 to 90 minutes by switching networks to the TELUS network. This resulted in minimum downtime and disruption in service for customers. This was particularly crucial given that many of AmericanPharma’s devices monitor temperature levels, along with other environmental factors, to ensure the safe transit of human embryos from hospital to clinic. If the temperature had changed – either up or down – the health and quality of the embryos could have been compromised, resulting in devastating loss.

Another success story involves TrenTrace, a longstanding customer that reduced its time to market by 50% through Eseye’s IoT device design service. The innovative redesign of IoT devices helped redefine rail tracks, showcasing the transformative power of Eseye’s expertise.

Costa Express, a global brand, selected Eseye to power its smart vending coffee machines in 17+ countries, demonstrating the company’s ability to cater to diverse industries.

Everon’s case study illustrates Eseye’s contribution to redefining digital healthcare through outstanding remote telecare powered by dependable cellular connectivity.

Pioneering IoT Excellence

Eseye stands at the forefront of IoT innovation, championing a device-first approach that ensures the success of IoT projects from conception to deployment. With a proven track record, a dedicated team of experts, and a commitment to continuous innovation, Eseye is not just shaping the present of IoT but also paving the way for a future where connectivity and intelligence seamlessly converge.

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