Tarsar Marsar Trek

Experience the magic of the Kashmir Himalayas on the Tarsar Marsar Trek

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Some places are full of beauty and some are full of wonders and then some places are beauty and wonder in themselves. You don’t love seeing the sun or the lakes there, you don’t get fascinated by the tall trees or by the white snow, but you get dissolved into the place. You love how it makes you feel, you get fascinated by the sense of relief and serenity it provides you. The sun shoots its rays to hit the lakes which get dispersed over the snow and absorbed by the leaves. Saying that you love the place feels to be an understatement; it would be right to say that it mesmerizes every corner of your eye and freshens every bit of your heart. The brain feels replenished and the lungs fulfilled. This is what you would admit under your every breath when you will carve your way through pavement besides the Tarsar and Marsar lakes. Standing at the edge of the Tarsar Lake when the sun like a little chubby baby, peeks you with a smile and a face full of brightness and happiness, you can’t help but reflect back that same kind of joy and astonishment. It is the magic of these little alpine lakes under the emerald sky which attracts all the popularity for the region of Kashmir. You can also visit Nag Tibba Trek. It offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys, making it a favorite spot for both seasoned trekkers and beginners.

Tranquility Unveiled: Tarsar Marsar Trek – An Unexplored Gem in Kashmir

Tarsar Lake is situated at an altitude of 12500 feet. The location is surrounded with tall scenic trees, serene rivers and seismic atmosphere. A place with so much to visit for, it is a fairly unexplored region of Kashmir. The trek to the lake is long, languishing and tiring but worth it. Every amount of sweat dropped off your foreheads would be well paid when you will set your eyes on the dazzling lake in all its beauty. The best of experiences would be served when visited in the summer. Tarsar Marsar Trek starts from a very picturesque Aru Valley. Firstly one walks along the shining Lidder River.  Going ahead, the individual enters the forest encompassed by the pine trees. Walking around for almost 5 kms, you finally get out of the forest into a wild and huge meadow. The trek would go around the cycle of along the river, into the forest, out in the meadow and among the flowers and birds.

Enchanting Tarsar Marsar Trek: A Journey of Mesmerizing Landscapes and Magical Moments

The trek comprises of various hotspots like Lidderwat, Shekwas and the Sundersar Lake. But the main highlights of the trek are the Tarsar ridge and the Marsar ridge. This trek is an embodiment to the fact that in addition to the destination, the journey is as ravishing and delighting too. The lakes are beautiful and so are the sunsets and the sunrises over the lakes and the reflections of snow capped mountains on the lakes, but what is appealing about the lake is the fact that when you walk continuously towards the lake you don’t for even a moment get bored because there is always something or other waiting to attract your eyes and attention. They can be the lush grasslands, high sky rocketing pine trees, or the hysterical and dark trees in the forest full of mysteries and surprises. You get to play with the eyes of squirrels and the voice of nightingale. You get to walk on snow or drink from the stream. You get to camp beside the river and under the night sky. When you sleep under the blanket of stars and the moon works as your lamp light, it feels not only divine but electric. 

Embark on an Epic Journey: The Tarsar Marsar Trek – 7 Days of Alpine Lakes and Kashmiri Landscapes

On an average it will take around 7 days to do a well rounded trip around the Tarsar Marsar trek. Firstly you would need to travel to Aru after landing in Srinagar. Then the real trek starts from Aru as you start your walking towards Lidderwat. From Lidderwat, you go to Shekwas. From Shekwas, you start going to the Tarsar and Marsar lakes. Alongside visiting these popular lakes, one can also visit another alpine lake which might be smaller but equally scenic which is Sundersar Lake. You then descend down after visiting the Sundersar Lake towards Homwas, from where the journey way back starts which is simple that is firstly to Aru and then to Srinagar again.

A moderately difficult trek which is around 50 kms in length, takes you across the valleys and meadows of Kashmir, finishes at three beautiful lakes is a must visit for the adventure lovers. So tick your calendars, mark the dates and pack your bags for experiencing the magic of Kashmir through the Tarsar Marsar trek. 


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