Exploring Top 10 Preschools in South Delhi

Exploring Top 10 Preschools in South Delhi

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eenThose who are living in Delhi or outside Delhi might be quite aware of the hype that surrounds the south Delhi area. Especially when it comes to education, South Delhi comes as a top-notch option and has a myriad of best play schools in the area. Moreover, it is also said that the parents residing in south Delhi are quite particular about the child’s early education and thus the schools in this area are focussed on catering to the specific needs and requirements of both children and parents with their top-notch facilities. So, today in this blog we will be discussing the top 10 preschools in South Delhi that you can pick to be your child’s point of early education. All these schools are known for their unique approach, teaching methods, and facilities they provide.

The Best Preschools in South Delhi:


Footprints is one of the best play schools in South Delhi because of its unwavering commitment to providing children with exceptional education and care. The school has garnered huge success because of its great key factors that contribute to the child’s early development in the most great ways. Firstly, Footprints offers a holistic curriculum that fosters students with the social and emotional development that they need to face the future world and academic challenges. Moreover, the school also boasts a highly qualified and empathic staff or faculty who help create a nurturing environment in the playschool making children super comfortable staying away from home at such an early age. The school also maintains open communication with parents and involves them in the child’s educational journey. Footprints Play School also has some centers in Dwarka, Delhi. So, If anyone looking for a play school in Dwarka take a look at Footprints.

Little Scholars Preschool

Little Scholars Preschool is another top-notch play school that parents can trust for their child’s early educational journey. The school is primarily known for its child-centric approach towards the early education of preschoolers. Moreover, the Little Scholars school also focuses on the pay-based learning concept for children that makes sure children study and grow in a safe and nurturing environment. So, if you are looking for a school that gives your child a home life feeling and also works on their cognitive skills, gross and fine motor skills then this is your answer.

Rainbow Preschool

Rainbow Preschool just like its name fills the lives of our little children with the lovely vibrant colors of the rainbow. It is another top-rated preschool in the South Delhi area that focuses on a Play-based curriculum. Not only that, the school also provides a wide range of facilities to help young children grow and develop at their own pace. The school is well equipped with a library, a spacious play area, a swimming pool, and many other useful facilities. Rainbow Preschool is the perfect school if you want to lay an excellent foundation for your child’s future development. The faculty of the school makes sure to prepare young children in such a way that they have a better prospect in higher studies.

Kidzee Preschool

Everybody is well aware of this playschool chain Kidzee. It is a popular playschool in the South Delhi area too. It is known for its innovative teaching methods and a child-friendly environment. Moreover, the school focuses on the cognitive and social growth of children and lets children learn at their own pace and in their own way. Moreover, the school has constructed a well-researched curriculum that is based on the latest findings in early education. It also has qualified teachers who are trained in the latest teaching methods. Overall, Kidzee is a great choice for parents who are looking for a high-quality preschool for their child.

Step By Step Preschool

Not very popular amongst the whole of Delhi but in South Delhi, Step by Step is another great preschool parents can rely upon. It is a popular pick among parents for making children exposed to a plethora of exciting extracurricular activities. The school does not only focus on academics but also makes students participate in exciting activities like dancing, singing, yoga, pottery, cooking, arts and crafts at Step by Step. Moreover, the curriculum that is followed at Step by Step is predominately Montessori. This curriculum aims to help in developing your child socially and emotionally. Parents looking for preschools in the Panchsheel area of south Delhi can trust this option.

The Ardee School

Another preschool that you can trust for your child’s preschool education specifically if you want them to follow the Montessori curriculum is The Ardee School. The school methodology is Montessori and has a strong focus on a skills-based education system. The Ardee school boasts a large lush green eco-friendly campus with an outdoor gym, play zone, and a fun sandpit for little children. The best part about the school is that it has a strict rule of serving only vegetarian food to the children and ensures the food is delectable and nutritious as well.

The Magic Years

The Magic Years is one of the most loved and admired playschools for parents residing in the South Delhi area. Enrolling your child at The Magic Years can help them engage with students from diverse countries and nationalities. Increasing their exposure to the outside world. That’s because the school has international connections and believes in international exchange programs from an early age. The Magic Years is a haven for kids from many backgrounds. Since there is a 1:4 ratio for every teacher here, pupils also receive individualized attention in addition to their efficient facilities.

Euro Kids

Another playschool chain that is very popular in South Delhi is Eurokids. Eurokids is known for its innovative teaching methods and for maintaining a child-friendly environment. Euro Kids Play School provides a wide range of facilities for the children including a library and a swimming pool. Being a top playschool in the country, Euro Kids lets your child experience the new definition of nursery education. The school is stacked with umpteen facilities and students enrolled at Eur Kids. Are bound to experience holistic development like no other school.

Kangaroo Kids

Kangaroo Kids is another well-known preschool in South Delhi that follows a play-based curriculum for young children. Not only that the school also provides children education through experimental learning techniques. The school is equipped with a play area, swimming area, and many more. The school also focuses on making children participate in various extracurricular activities like dancing, singing, and many more. It is a great option for parents looking for a school that can make children develop and grow holistically.

Dreaming Child Playschool

This nursery school stands out for focusing on the growth of all important components of learning. For instance, they have five distinct learning areas, including The Exploration Hut. Where kids can learn about different cultures, Math, where they can learn the fundamentals of the subject and Language. When kids can learn how to tell stories well, Practical Life, where kids can learn morals and manners. Where kids can express their creativity. So, even if the school name comes in the last of the list. It is one great option for the parents to trust,


In conclusion, these are the top 10 preschools in South Delhi. Parents can trust their child’s education and can make them develop holistically. However, remember to visit the school premises before making a final decision to choose the right playschool for your little one.


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