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Factors Of Stress And Married Life In Astrology

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Whatever may be the relationship, in every relationship there is always a dispute on one thing or the other. Let us know what is the relation of astrology behind the dispute between husband and wife.

According to Marriage astrology, if the position of Jupiter is not right in someone’s horoscope, then it starts having an inauspicious effect on his married life. It is considered very important to have a favorable position of Jupiter in the horoscope of those who are eligible for marriage. If Jupiter is giving inauspicious results in the horoscope, then there is a delay in marriage and there are many types of obstacles in getting married.

In order to strengthen the bond of marriage, along with astrology, the method of worshiping Lord Brihaspati has been described in religious texts as well. If your marriage is getting delayed or there is tension in your married life, then you can make your married life happy by taking some remedies related to Jupiter and also removing the obstacles in marriage.

Factors causing stress in married life

Economic problem – lack of proper planning for daily use and other necessary expenses (personal, family, social) or less income and more expenditure.

Responsibility of children – Not being able to determine the right time for the development of the family or not being able to give proper time to anyone in the upbringing of the children.

Interference of relatives – Unnecessary interference in one’s life, especially by in-laws.

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Lack of communication – Not having regular interactions with each other in a positive, calm, and balanced environment.

Work stress – Nowadays, more time is spent in the office than at home, due to which the effect of stress is also visible in personal life.

Tiredness – Not having the required energy to satisfy each other physically and mentally after a busy day’s schedule and hustle and bustle.

Bad Habits and Behaviors – Any type of addiction, gossiping, blaming, or being disorganized.

Poor health – Prolonged illness of any kind, lack of honor and self-esteem, believing wrong or incomplete information.


Life is always changing. Circumstances cannot always remain the same. The personalities of many characters are captivating and supernaturally impressive, which is not the case even in the life of the villains. Things that were good some time ago may be worthless or of little value today or may even be undervalued in the future. The most important thing is to accept the reality of life in the present and deal with it cooperatively. If you want to know more about marital life then you can talk to astrologer and get information.

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