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7 Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best Video Production Company

A video production company can help your brand reach the top. Today people want information quickly and filled with entertainment which lots of information-delivering methods can’t do. Video production for your brand is the only way to engage with your customers properly while keeping them entertained. 

Videos help your brand in several ways, like engaging your audience, interacting with them, educating and entertaining them, boosting sales, generating high-quality leads, and retargeting them.

In this post further, we will help you understand the seven factors to consider before choosing the best video production agency for your brand. But firstly, we will tell you about India’s top video production house to complete your brand’s needs.

Vidzy. India’s first short video production company helps brands create videos according to the brand’s needs and goals. The video production house has more than six years of experience and has worked with over 1200 brands like Amazon, Mamaearth, Wow, Yamaha, and more. Vidzy is known for collaborating brands with the best influencers in almost every industry out there. The video company has over two lakh influencers and has conveyed over 1500 videos to the brands. 

Now we know about Vidzy, let’s understand how the best Indian video production agency’s services can help your brand generate the best ROI:

Best Video Production Services Offered By Video Company- Vidzy

Influencer-Based Social Media Videos: 

The social media videos created by Vidzy, top video production company help brands generate organic traffic with the help of social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and more. These videos help brands engage with their audience with their favourite influencers from the same industry. These videos generate better ROIs for brands, leads and boost sales. Influencers have loyal audiences which can influence their followers within a short time and increase brand credibility, engagement.

Influencer-Based Video Ads: 

Just like influencer-based social media videos, these are created in the same way while featuring an influencer from the same niche but are created with the purpose of using them as ad videos. These videos help brands gain the part of the audience that organic videos can’t, such as people who search for brands on the internet, and it also helps brands to retarget the audience. Influencer based video ads encourage brand’s targeted audiences to choose their product and services. Hire for niche based influencer video production services which can deliver your brand voice and massage to their targeted audience and it also helps brand’s business growth.

Influencer Oriented Product/ Explainer videos: 

These videos are the most famous and helpful for brands. These videos are more likely to explain to the audience how the product works, its qualities, what type of people can use it, the ingredients included, and more. Another type of these videos can be explainer videos in which the video production agency features an influencer explaining the product. These video helps increase brand’s product marketing through influencer generated videos, it boost brand sales and awareness.

Corporate videos: 

The video production services help brands create entertaining videos while showing transparency between the brand and the audience. These videos help brands create a deeper and more meaningful connection between them. It also helps the audience to know about how they will work with their project and fulfil the brand’s objectives and goals. 

Testimonial/ Feedback videos: The video production company helps brands gain the trust of the audience with real-time audience feedback about their product and collaborate with influencers to give feedback about the product. It is enough to influence a new customer why they choose a brand’s products and services. 

7 Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Video Production Agency:

Trend-Based Videos:

The first thing to find is if the company is making trend-based videos to engage and interact with the audience with every trend.

Humanization Of The Brand: 

The video production agency should be able to give the brand a voice to talk to the audience and interact with them. It should also help the brand to connect with the audience on a deeper level which will help the brand to gain better ROI and sales.

Look At Their Portfolio:

The most important thing is while making a decision to choose a video production company, look at the company portfolio and reviews from brands. Vidzy is top video production house in India they have delivered over 1200+ top brands including one plus, instagram, amazon, mama earth, unacademy, puma, paytm etc.

Influencer Collaboration:  

The company should help brands collaborate with the best influencers in the industry to help brands reach the high-quality audience that is actually looking for the solutions to their problems that your product can solve and give you a better ROI. Vidzy can help you to find the best influencers in every industry. They have more than 2 lakhs well-known influencers under one roof.

High-quality video: The video quality shouldn’t be limited to the display quality, the content quality matters as much as the display quality. The content should be well-researched and audience-friendly. But in India, video production companies take around 80K to create a basic video. Where as Vidzy creates well-researched content at a low cost, which takes us to our next point:


The company should be budget-friendly, which doesn’t compromise the video quality too. The company should work with everybody’s budget and should cost less. In this place, vidzy fits perfectly for all the brands out there. The video production company has worked with highly efficient brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and more. 

Analytical And Strategic Videos: 

The video production agency should provide brands with analytical content so it can bloom among their audiences. Vidzy provides brands with highly analytical and strategic content to help brands get more engagement and improve overall impressions. It also helps brands gain more sales and generate Leads.

Personal Brand Manager: 

By providing the best analytical and strategic content, video companies provide brands with their personal brand managers too. These managers help brands use their campaigns properly and get the best out of all the efforts brands have put in. Vidzy’s brand managers are highly efficient to make the campaigns work properly and get the best out of them.


Video production companies can help brands with many ways to improve their sales, generate ROIs, gain more engagement, and more. Vidzy is India’s first short video production company that helps brands to create videos for them. Vidzy creates Influencer-based social media videos, Influencer-based ad videos, product and explainer videos, testimonial videos, and more. From the seven factors, vidzy has been fulfilling all of them to help clients have the best experience in video production.  

Connect with Vidzy to Accelerate your brand’s sales, awareness and more to the next level.

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