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Can You Use First Aid Beauty On Your Face?

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First Aid Beauty, Or FAB, is a line of skincare products offering body and face products per one’s concerns. The products are made to fit the trend of clean products. These include products that are not harming the environment and are produced sustainably. They are safe for use on the skin (proven through dermatological testing).

The presence of these ‘labels’ on the bottle of a product is reassuring, especially one that will be put on the skin. More so now that people are gaining awareness of these things. Both are good for you and those that will not do you any good.

first aid beauty
first aid beaut

From Youtubers to beauty influencers on other social media platforms, you must have encountered at least one post hyping First Aid Beauty’s face products. The self-claimed scientifically advanced brand solves almost all skin conditions, including concerns such as eczema or psoriasis.

What does FAB offer?  

Even the best skin whitening cream in the market will not tell you the truth about achieving this. Skin cannot be whitened beyond the natural color. It is, however, possible to eliminate any dullness that may cloud one’s true complexion.

The brand offers skin-brightening solutions, especially for the panda eyes that have crept in through the cracks of our busy lives. Similarly, if you have a condition such as an ingrown hair cyst in a pubic area, you will find a product on their site that can help you resolve this issue.

The plethora of products- body care to face care, are developed with common skin conditions in mind. Therefore, the final verdict would be that you can use First Aid Beauty products on your face, provided they are specifically for that need.

Body products on the face?   

Body care products on the face are usually avoided as body products are made in a “heavier” formula- such that it feels hydrating for the body. However, using this product on the face might leave you feeling greasy as the formulation differs from what your face skin needs.

Formulating products for the face usually incorporate active ingredients that combat the skin’s needs. This can include vitamins and acids that improve the skin’s concern.

You must have also noticed that body products such as body cream feel bulky on the skin- acting as a thick layer of hydration that is being provided. Whereas most skin products are light and gel-based, the effects would be formulated differently without dry skin.


NB: In case of any irritation, dryness, or rash persistently visible for more than two days, discontinue use and book a consultation with your dermatologist.


You may use it on your face if…  

If your face skin feels too dry, using body care products could be helpful- but it is always advised to use specific products per your needs.

Moreover, using specific products will be wise if you have a skin condition. The body products may have ingredients that can cause further damage, so it is better to avoid their use. This will do you more harm than good.

FAB For Face:   

The brand offers products that cater to different skin needs, such as a particular condition or everyday use. When you navigate the brand’s site, you will find a neat categorization of the products. Clicking on skincare will furnish you with a list of products, from moisturizers to eye and lip products; it has it all!

If you do not have a primary skin concern, check out the following few products that have been widely appreciated:

1. Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer  

The face moisturizer is a lightweight formula that deeply hydrates the skin.


It contains the goodness of colloidal oatmeal that provides a soothing effect for your distressed skin. It has the goodness of shea butter, rich in minerals, vitamins, and essential fatty acids that guard the skin’s barrier.

It is also filled with the goodness of avocado and meadowfoam seed oils that soften the skin while hydrating and moisturizing it.

The other ingredients of the product include extracts from beneficial plants such as chrysanthemum (acts as an emollient, retaining moisture), Butyrospermum parkii butter (retains moisture), Camellia sinensis (antioxidant, antimicrobial, astringent, and keeps moisture). These were a few examples of the other ingredients in this formulation that contribute to the skin’s overall health while being safe and effective.

2. Facial radiance pads  

These are used for gentle exfoliation of the face skin through the goodness of lactic and glycolic acids. This is an excellent solution if you have uneven skin tone, texture, dullness, and pores!


The exfoliation is from the action of AHAs that help brighten the skin and improve the texture.

It also contains lemon peel extract (retains moisture and improves brightness), including cucumber water and Indian gooseberry (drawing in and retaining moisture), known to have significant benefits for the skin.

3. FAB Facial Radiance Polish Cleanser  

This cleanser works well for sensitive skin and gently cleanses and exfoliates the skin. The ingredients in the product count in shea nutshell powder, extract from willow bark, licorice root, white tea, Feverfew extracts (boosts antioxidant), and shea butter.

4. FAB Skin Lab Resurfacing Liquid 10% AHA  

This provides a smooth blend of the AHAs that reduce the pores, lines, uneven skin tone, and texture.


The ingredients include AHAs (brightening and exfoliating the skin), licorice, mulberry, and lemon peel extract. The “skin saver complex” of the product consists of allantoin, colloidal oatmeal, ceramides, and vitamins that boost the skin health of the user.

Author’s pick!

If you have a particular skin concern, such as a pimple on your lip, you can try using the FAB Pharma BHA Acne Spot Treatment. Several other products are available for the different concerns that one may have.


This was all on the various FAB products, specifically those you can use on your face. These products have been developed after careful testing by dermatologists, choosing selective materials that are eco-friendly and sustainably sourced.

It is advised that you consult your doctor before using a new skincare product as you may be allergic to the ingredients.

Used FAB products and have a review? Comment down below!

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