Five Tips For Artificial Grass Installation In Charleston

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Artificial grass serves as a perfect substitute for natural grass. It may be expensive to install, but it has a good return on investment in the long run. It eliminates the daily/weekly task of watering, mowing, or even fertilizing the natural grass at the back of your house. When installing artificial grass, we always aim for it to look as realistic as possible. One should follow a few steps to obtain a natural-looking artificial turf.

It is important to follow these steps for longevity and durability after artificial grass installation, especially in Charleston where various options are available for mild winters and warm, sunny summers.

Tips for artificial grass installation in Charleston may vary, but here are five main tips to consider:

  1. This one may seem obvious, but it could quickly go over one’s head. You should make sure that you have enough room for your base layer. This means you are to measure and create room for your artificial grass accurately. When you accurately measure the area that needs artificial grass, you can buy the right amount of fake grass. This will save you from buying too little or too much artificial grass.
  2. You should make sure that you choose the correct kind of infill to ensure durability. Selecting the correct infill may heighten your experience with artificial grass Charleston. There are a number of infills at the consumer’s disposal; therefore, choosing one that fits your needs and preferences is vital. When selecting your infill, factors such as the expected traffic on your lawn should be considered as they help determine the type you will choose. It would be a shame to choose artificial grass for a low-traffic lawn when you have a high-traffic lawn, as this will directly impact the longevity and durability of your synthetic grass.
  3. When planning to install artificial turf, one must remove grass that already exists in their lawns. This step cannot be skipped when installing artificial turf Charleston. When artificial grass is installed over grass or other vegetation, it may deteriorate the quality of the product. Removing any existing vegetation or grass is essential as it allows for a clean and even surface, increasing the imperishability of your artificial grass.
  4. As with any other place that receives rain, you must invest in a waterproof border when installing artificial turf Charleston. The waterproof border is vital for keeping your infill within the perimeter of the area, and it also ensures that all the other materials in the base stay intact in their spots. The waterproof border and a weed barrier prevent any unwanted scatter or growth under the turf. You are guaranteed to have clean, safe, and even artificial turf when done correctly.
  5. You might face some geological difficulties; therefore, you must pay attention to the geology of the area where your project will occur. Studying the area’s geology is important as it provides information on whether the project is viable. Only after determining the area’s geology should you consider building a sound drainage system. A good drainage system allows water to pass through without being trapped underneath the artificial grass. The easiest way to attain this is by laying down a layer of aggregate that allows water to pass through.

Following these tips and conducting some additional research about the type of artificial grass will lead you down the road to having an aesthetically pleasing lawn and playground all year round. Tips and tricks for installing synthetic turf are not limited to the tips mentioned above; other factors come into play when deciding on an artificial turf.

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