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Flowers with Symbolic Meanings for Special Occasions

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Flowers are a universal language of love and celebration. But did you know that in the Emirates, specific flowers hold deep cultural importance? Understanding this will add a touch of culture when you book for flowers delivery in Abu Dhabi. But with so many colorful options, choosing the perfect arrangement can feel overwhelming. But fear not; florists are here to help you out. In this article, we will understand how the florals can add a touch of Emirati flair to any special occasion. So, let’s continue reading to find out.

National Day (December 2nd)

Citizens celebrate the spirit of the Emirates with a vibrant bouquet reflecting the national colors. This includes red roses for passion and bravery. It includes green carnations for prosperity and white lilies for purity. Along with this, black irises are added, which symbolize wisdom and strength.

Eid al-Fitr (subject to change)

The white Lilies and Orchids symbolize purity and new beginnings. These representations perfectly fit the joyous spirit of Eid. Elegant white lilies or orchids in a modern arrangement make a thoughtful gift for a celebratory party. So, if you are going to one, consider ordering a bouquet from your local florist. The flower delivery in Abu Dhabi will make sure your arrangement reaches you on time.

Ramadan (Varies)

Dates are a staple during this sacred time. So you can consider a unique arrangement that incorporates them alongside white flowers. You can ask your florist for a custom arrangement like jasmine or gypsophila. Here, the jasmine represents peace and tranquility, which is ideal for the holy month.

Giving Thanks

You can express gratitude and appreciation with a bouquet of soft pink flowers. Pink roses or tulips convey warmth and a sense of thankfulness. This is a perfect way to show appreciation to loved ones or colleagues. You can book an arrangement from your office, and the flowers delivery in Abu Dhabi will deliver to you.

Florals for congratulations

Yellow flowers symbolize joy and achievement. You can take them to celebrate a graduation or any milestone. With a bright and cheerful arrangement of sunflowers, you can never go wrong. Additionally, you can also consider yellow lilies or gerberas. The big, bright golden flowers spread optimism and joy to its recipients.

Ending notes

Presentation is key in Emirati culture. You can opt for elegant wrapping and add a handwritten note in Arabic expressing your well wishes.

By understanding the cultural significance of flowers, you can choose the best arrangement for the occasion. These will not only express your emotions but also resonate with the recipient’s heritage. So, the next time you have a special occasion in the UAE, rely on flowers delivery in Abu Dhabi. You can embrace the language of flowers and add a touch of Emirati charm to your floral presents.

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