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From Combat Veteran to Non-Profit Thought Leader: The Inspiring Journey of Thomas Bohne and Kennel to Couch

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In a world filled with inspiring stories of individuals who have dedicated their lives to making a difference, Thomas Bohne’s journey stands out as a testament to the power of resilience, compassion, and the transformative potential of human-animal bonds. As the founder and President of Kennel to Couch, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to Pit Bull Adoption Advocacy, Thomas Bohne has shown that the transition from being an Army combat veteran to a non-profit thought leader is not only possible but can have a profound impact on countless lives.

Rocky’s Legacy: The Birth of Kennel to Couch

Thomas Bohne’s path to creating Kennel to Couch began with a profound and personal loss. Rocky, his beloved canine companion, had been a constant source of love and support in his life. When Rocky passed away, Thomas felt a deep sense of grief and a desire to honor his memory in a meaningful way. He pondered how he could make a difference in the world, even if it meant just getting one dog adopted. From this desire, the concept for Kennel to Couch was born.

Kennel to Couch is more than just a non-profit organization; it’s a heartfelt tribute to Rocky and a commitment to improving the lives of Pit Bulls, a breed often misunderstood and mistreated. Thomas channeled his grief and determination into creating an organization that would not only rescue and rehabilitate Pit Bulls but also find them loving forever homes. Rocky’s legacy lives on through the countless lives Kennel to Couch has touched.

A Dynamic Business Leader with a Heart of Gold

Thomas Bohne’s leadership at Kennel to Couch is marked by his unique blend of business acumen and unwavering compassion. With a background in executive leadership spanning Senior Vice President (SVP), Executive Vice President (EVP), and C-Suite positions, Thomas knows the ins and outs of running a successful organization. His experience has provided him with invaluable insights into the importance of relationships, both within and outside an organization.

One of the key pillars of Thomas’s philosophy is that the relationships an organization builds with its partners and volunteers are just as vital when they leave as when they join. This perspective underscores the importance of treating everyone involved in Kennel to Couch’s mission with the utmost respect and gratitude. It’s about making people feel valued and valuable, recognizing that these individuals are instrumental in the organization’s success.

The Power of the Dog-Human Bond

Thomas Bohne’s journey to Kennel to Couch is a testament to the transformative power of the dog-human bond. As an Army combat veteran, he understands the profound emotional and psychological impact that a dog can have on a person’s life. This understanding has driven him to create an organization that leverages the healing power of the human-canine connection.

Research has shown that dogs can have a positive influence on mental health, particularly for veterans struggling with conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Thomas’s experiences in the military and his personal connection with Rocky have shaped his vision for Kennel to Couch. The organization not only aims to find forever homes for Pit Bulls but also seeks to support people in their journey to healing and recovery through the companionship of these loyal and loving animals.

A Multifaceted Background

Thomas Bohne’s diverse background is a testament to his adaptability and his relentless pursuit of knowledge and skills. He is not only an Army Combat Veteran but also a classically trained chef from Johnson & Wales, a well-respected culinary institution. This culinary background adds a unique layer to his approach to leadership and community engagement.

Additionally, Thomas holds a Master’s Degree in Marketing from Johns Hopkins University, underscoring his commitment to continuous learning and his ability to apply marketing principles to non-profit work. His educational journey is a testament to his dedication to acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary to make a meaningful impact in his chosen field.

The Mission of Kennel to Couch

Kennel to Couch is a non-profit organization with a laser-focused mission: Pit Bull Adoption Advocacy. Pit Bulls often face discrimination and are misunderstood by many, leading to their high numbers in shelters and low adoption rates. The organization partners with shelters and community organizations to sponsor Pit Bulls in need of adoption. This sponsorship extends a helping hand to these dogs and the families willing to open their hearts and homes to them.

Upon adoption, the sponsored dogs receive the Kennel to Couch sponsorship benefits package at no expense to the adopting family. This package not only helps families with the costs associated with adopting a new pet but also provides a comprehensive support system to ensure the success of the adoption. This includes access to resources, training, and assistance for any challenges that may arise, fostering a positive and lasting bond between the dog and their new family.

Changing Perceptions and Saving Lives

Thomas Bohne’s vision for Kennel to Couch goes beyond simply finding homes for Pit Bulls. It aims to change the negative perceptions surrounding the breed, highlighting their loving and loyal nature. The organization is committed to eradicating the stereotypes that have led to the stigmatization and mistreatment of Pit Bulls, ultimately saving lives in the process.

Through Kennel to Couch’s tireless advocacy efforts, more and more Pit Bulls are finding their forever homes. These success stories not only impact the lives of the dogs but also the families who adopt them. By promoting responsible ownership and positive interactions between dogs and humans, Kennel to Couch is fostering a more inclusive and compassionate society.

Thomas Bohne’s journey from an Army combat veteran to the founder and President of Kennel to Couch is a testament to the transformative power of dedication, compassion, and the dog-human bond. His vision for Kennel to Couch extends far beyond the walls of a non-profit organization; it’s a commitment to changing perceptions, saving lives, and making the world a better place for both Pit Bulls and the people who adopt them.

Through his unique blend of business leadership, unwavering compassion, and personal experiences, Thomas Bohne has not only built a successful organization but has also paved the way for others to follow in his footsteps. His story is a shining example of how individuals can use their skills, knowledge, and personal experiences to create positive change in the world, one dog at a time. Kennel to Couch stands as a living testament to the impact one person can have when they harness their passion and expertise for a greater cause.

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