Kansas City

Fun things to do Kansas City

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Kansas City

Kansas lies in the heart of America. There are a lot of interesting things that you can do here but these are not so popular. The best things that you can do here include character, charm as well as culture. The place is 

even known as the City of Fountains.

The place is incredibly easy to move around and there are various attractions that you need to see here. The delicious food of the place and the crisp beers are so very heartwarming. Frontier airlines ticket option helps you to book the tickets easily and get the most accessible options on that.

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Nelson Museum of Art

The place is very well known for the 40,000 magnificent works. Here you can find centuries old art along with exhibits of photography. Another highlight of this place is the Sculpture park that stretches over 22 acres. 

Moreover, this museum is regarded to be one of the best museums of the country and the entry to this museum is completely free. Non members of the place can reserve it with free tickets.

Boulevard Brewery

This little brewery is regarded to be one of the largest in the Midwest region. Here you can learn about the history of Kansas city. You can learn the brewing process in a 60 minute tour and get a free beer as well. You can hit up at the gift shop and there you can explore the favorite brews.

Moreover, it is seen that there are various events conducted at the Boulevardia and for that event the brewery teams up with the local businesses. You can have fun and live entertainment, brews and tasty bites here.

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Arrowhead Stadium

This stadium is one of the largest stadiums and the Super Bowl champions rule this place. Regardless of which team you support, you can enjoy a beer and introduce yourself with the football tradition. There are various parties that you will find here. If you do not want to spend much money, then this stadium is for you. Here you do not need to spend a lot of money on the tickets.

Joe Kansas Barbeque

The city has three locations in this place, one of the private dining, other is the event space and a gas station as well. You can order smoked beef here along with the smoked cheese, and fries. There is a lot of delicious and interesting stuff that you can taste here. So, go on check the menu and order something delicious for you.

Country club Plaza

This plaza is the premier place for dining and shopping. Here you can find all sorts of retail establishments, entertainment venues and restaurants. There is another outdoor mall here. People can explore the beautiful fountains and European architecture. You can even find 30 statues, murals as well as the various mosaics here.

Thus, it is important that if you want to book your tickets for the place then you do with the Frontier airlines tickets and have a safe and convenient trip.

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Savor the Legendary Barbecue:

No trip to Kansas City is complete without indulging in its world-famous barbecue. From burnt ends to ribs slathered in finger-licking sauces, you’ll find an array of barbecue joints that have made the city a culinary hotspot.

Explore the Historic City Market:

Step back in time as you wander through the historic City Market, where charming brick-lined streets house an eclectic mix of stalls selling fresh produce, local crafts, and international cuisine.

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