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SIM Owner Details: Our online SIM database serves as a valuable resource to access SIM owner information in Pakistan, without any charges. Receiving incessant calls from unfamiliar numbers often poses a persistent disturbance on our mobile devices. How can this issue be resolved effectively? The solution lies in a trustworthy method to identify these callers and securely manage them by obtaining SIM ownership information.

Enter Pak sim data, offering a comprehensive platform dedicated to seeking SIM owner details in Pakistan. Our website hosts a free search engine equipped with specialized tools tailored precisely for this purpose. These tools are accessible to all Pakistani citizens, ensuring ease of use. We have prioritized user-friendliness, ensuring our website can be navigated effortlessly, requiring no prior expertise to utilize our services and acquire SIM owner details through the ‘sim database online’ feature.

Services provided by Sim Ownership Details

Here is a breakdown of the features and services they provide:

SIM Owner Details

Pak Sim Data specializes in retrieving SIM owner details in Pakistan. Users can easily access this information by providing either the mobile number or CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) of the individual they seek information about. The SIM card holds vital information such as the owner’s name, CNIC number, and mobile number.

Live Tracker

The platform offers a live tracker for SIM information, enabling users to locate SIM owner details using the SIM database online. By entering the required field details on “,” individuals can obtain accurate results with multiple features. This tool facilitates real-time tracking and information retrieval associated with SIM cards.

CNIC Information System

Furthermore, Pak Sim Data provides a CNIC information system, enabling users to retrieve SIM ownership information using a person’s CNIC number. This feature serves purposes such as verification or obtaining specific SIM owner details about an individual. The system ensures swift access to desired information within seconds, offering a user-friendly procedure for a seamless experience.

The emphasis on user convenience underscores Pak Sim Data’s commitment to providing a hassle-free process. Enabling individuals to access various information effortlessly. Notably, they highlight the necessity for PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) registered numbers. To access these details, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. This focus on regulatory adherence assures users of the platform’s credibility and commitment to operating within legal parameters.

How to Use “SIM Owners Detail”

Are you bothered by unidentified callers or text messages? Pak Sim Data offers a solution that enables you to discover information about SIM card owners in Pakistan. Through the ‘Sim Owners Detail’ tool, users can access specific details. Such as the owner’s name, address, and CNIC associated with an unknown number. Moreover, this tool provides insights into the SIM’s activation status, indicating whether it is activate or deactivate, along with the date of activation.

Additionally, Sim information offers a comprehensive tool that furnishes further details regarding the status of the SIM card, such as its activation status and the date it was activated. This comprehensive information can be valuable in identifying and addressing concerns related to unwanted calls or messages, empowering individuals to take appropriate actions as necessary.

Confidence in Sim Ownership Details

At Paksimdata, the privacy and security of our users’ information are paramount. While specific details are necessary to access our services, we prioritize safeguarding our users’ data and upholding their legal rights. Employing advanced encryption methods, we ensure robust protection, preventing unauthorized access to our customers’ information through any means or tools.

Furthermore, our online SIM database is officially authorized. Adheres to the standards established by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) data service. This underscores our dedication to compliance and the integrity of data.

Who Can Utilize Pak Sim Data?

Our services at Pak Sim Data are open to all individuals across Pakistan without any restrictions or geographical limitations. Anyone residing in Pakistan easy access our services at any time to acquire SIM owner details using our ‘sim database online.’ All that’s we need is an internet connection and a device to visit our website (Sim database online). This inclusivity ensures that anyone can access accurate and detailed information regarding SIM owner details in Pakistan.


The preceding overview underscores Pak Sim Data’s effectiveness in promptly delivering SIM owner details linked to any mobile number across all networks in Pakistan. Our meticulously crafted online SIM database system prioritizes user-friendliness, enabling effortless access for everyone without limitations. Moreover, our search functionalities are unrestricted, providing users with the flexibility to seek SIM owner details in Pakistan using either the mobile number or the individual’s CNIC number.

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