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Has Samsung Galaxy Upgraded More Than Apple Pro Models in Recent Years?

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Samsung vs. Apple is a topic people could argue all day long about. Some agree that Apple is better, and some believe Samsung is the better choice. When choosing a smartphone, specific points should be considered, such as the phone’s specs and features.

This subject is highly particular, so we could debate it all day. As one looks at how both mobile OSes have advanced over the past few years, it appears that from the standpoint of the user experience, they have grown into comparable platforms.

Design upgrades

Firstly we will compare the design changes both Samsung and Apple Stores went through in recent years and also some possible future changes.

Even though the design of a product depends on user preference, it still matters. Apple Pro models have come from a rounder to a bulkier design with glass back in the recent iPhones for sales, such as the iPhone 13 Pro and 14 Pro, compared to Samsung Galaxy, which upgraded to a slimmer design. The most significant turning point of the galaxy was after the S20 and S20 Ultra, which had enhanced features and specs.

Performance changes

Indeed there have been significant changes in product performance in both Samsung and Apple over the years, the recent Apple’s A14 bionic chip, and Samsung is now using the Snapdragon 888.

The A14 bionic chip is a Hexa-core processor. In contrast, the snapdragon 888 is an octa-core processor, which provides a significant performance difference in both flagship smartphones—in 5G systems integration,  currently leading Apple by a year.


There’s no denying that Samsung phones for sale are leading in their display area because they put a lot of their effort into providing the user a good experience in terms of gaming etc. the Samsung Galaxy had its first 120 HZ AMOLED display in its S21 and S21 ultra. In contrast, the iPhone just got the new iPhone 14.

Battery life upgrade

To support the display, both phones have to have a larger battery capacity, so Samsung upgraded to a 4000 mAH battery as compared to iPhone’s 2800 mAH.

Which is better?

This is a debate that, in the end, comes down to the user and his preference; if you want a good display phone on a low budget, you can go for Samsung, but if you want to go elite and carry an iPhone with you then it’s up to you. In terms of upgrades, Samsung has gotten more upgrades in recent years than the iPhone, but that shouldn’t necessarily mean they haven’t gotten better. The cameras on the Apple, indeed, are a huge plus point.


After reading this article, you’ll have quite a bit of know-how about which flagship smartphones are getting better updates and which they are, are not, which will, in turn, help you to make decisions between whichever smartphone you want to buy, iPhones and Android nearby, join trustable phone sellers such as www.experimax.com!

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