Santo Domingo

How did Santo Domingo Become Famous

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Santo Domingo is one of the highlights of the city where you’ll be finding most of the tourist attractions. The place is a delightful mix of Dominican life and history. The 16th century ruins of the place are scattered all over. You’ll be finding beautifully restored buildings here that will remind you of the city’s history. The place was founded by the Christopher Colombus and the entire colonial district has been named as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Columbus park

The park is at the center and it attracts a lot of visitors. There are various street performers that you’ll be finding here. Musicians, street performers, shoe shiners and a lot more are there that you should surely have a look of. The statue of Cristopher Columbus is surely a site you should not miss. 

On the south of the square you’ll be finding the first cathedral that was built by the Americans. It was built in the 1500s and was named as Basilica Cathedral. The place is perfect to spend your time if you are here for a day or two. 

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Museum of the Royal houses

This place was built for the first half of the 16th century. The impressive structure was originally constructed by Spain. The place was turned to a museum to showcase the history as well as the culture of the region. There are various displays that one can explore here such as the colonial furnishings, the interesting collection of weapons, and a lot more. The hallways are the narrow places where you will find a pleasant vibe.

There are various displays in Spanish, but there are audio recordings as well that you can get in multiple languages.

National pantheon of Dominican 

This place was originally constructed during the first half of 18th century. The building has new houses, the remains of the place are also witnessed by people. The interior of the place is beautiful, the marble tombs, the walls, the painting, the ceiling has a lot to do with the history. Opposite to the entrance you’ll find a long carpet where you ‘’’ll be seeing the eternal flame rising from the floor.  

Plaza Espana

This is a large open square where you’ll find various sites of gatherings. The intimate square is the best if you want to sit on a bench or under a tree. On the edge of the park, there are a number of restaurants where you’ll be finding outdoor dining. Tour guides can be hired to explore the city better. The square has a lot of interesting spots to visit. So, when you are here, make sure you are here.

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