How do I Check My Health Issues in Astrology

How do I Check My Health Issues in Astrology?

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Health astrology is a branch of astrology that provides detailed information about an individual’s health. This information can be very useful in helping you take timely preventive measures and manage your health issues more effectively. With prior knowledge of your health risks, you will be in a better position to handle any health challenges that may come your way. Medical astrology can serve as a helpful guide for improving your overall health and well-being. It helps you know:

  • Longevity

  • Overall health

  • Likely diseases

  • Timing of falling ill

  • Timing of hospitalisation

  • Vulnerable Body parts

  • Chronic diseases

  • Loss of a body part

  • Phobias

  • Accidents

  • Surgery

  • Mental disease

  • Sexual disease

  • Good and bad time for health

Stay Healthy With Health Astrology

Astrology is an ancient practice that offers insights into different aspects of life. In the health domain, we use health astrology to gain valuable insights about our well-being. Astrology involves studying the 12 houses of a birth chart, each representing a specific part of a person’s life. Regarding health, we focus on the sixth house, the main house of diseases. It is known as Rog Bhava in Vedic astrology. By analyzing this house and its association with other houses in the kundli, we can understand a person’s health risks and potential health issues.

The houses of diseases are as follows:

– Sixth House: This is the main house of disease in kundli, which helps us understand which diseases we will catch or what ailments may trouble us.

– Eighth House: The eighth house indicates longevity, chronic diseases, surgeries, accidents, and sudden health problems. If it is connected to the sixth house, it can indicate poor health.

– Twelfth House: The twelfth house represents hospitalization or prolonged bed rest.

– Third House: This house is important for understanding a person’s health and longevity.

It is by analyzing the effects of the zodiac signs and the planets in association with these houses that we can get clue of our health scenario.

Can Astrology Predict Longevity of an Individual?

Astrology can help predict how long a person might live. The eighth and third houses represent longevity. By analyzing the position of these houses, we can estimate how long a person might live. The lagna lord is also important. A strong lagna generally indicates good health and a longer life. In longevity reading, the lifespan can be categorized as long, medium, or short.

  • A long lifespan means living 70 or more years

  • A medium lifespan means living between 36 and 70 years

  • A short lifespan means living until 35 years of age.

Predicting Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Kundli

The birth chart is a valuable source of information that reveals insights about your past, present, and future. It can also help predict the possibility of drug or alcohol addiction in birth chart. This information can be highly beneficial for loved ones who are struggling with addiction and even for those who are personally struggling with these issues. By studying the birth chart, one can identify the type of addiction that may become a problem and explore potential remedies to overcome it.

In Vedic astrology, certain planets are associated with addiction.

Rahu: Rahu, also known as the planet of illusions, is often linked to smoke, drug, and alcohol addiction.

Mars: On the other hand, an afflicted Mars can give rise to stronger inclinations towards these substances and even sex.

Saturn: Saturn, while not directly responsible for addiction, can contribute to negative thought patterns and behaviors that may lead to drug and alcohol addictions.

Understanding the influence of these planets on one’s birth chart/kundli is key to predicting and preventing addiction. By taking steps to control afflictions or performing remedies, individuals can effectively overcome addiction and avoid its harmful effects.

Sexual Health and Astrology

It can be difficult for a person to discuss sexual health issues, but astrology can provide solutions in complete privacy through your birth chart. An astrological consultation can indicate if there is a possibility of a sexual disease, and even if you are struggling with one, you can get effective remedies to aid your medical treatment. The eighth house in the birth chart shows the possibility of any sexual diseases. Additionally, Venus is the main planet for giving sexually related diseases. By checking the affliction of Venus and its strength in the kundli, we can determine whether there is a possibility of getting afflicted with a sexual disease. The birth chart also indicates remedies that can help you overcome sexual diseases.

Timing of Diseases

We can also predict the timing of falling ill with Kundli analysis. You can fall ill during the Dasha of the disease-causing planet. Also, Saturn’s transit is essential for determining the timing of Diseases in kundli. We can predict the chances of hospitalization, the duration of falling ill, when you will get cured, and whether there will be any permanent damage, which can all be predicted through the birth chart. The astrologer can predict how long you will remain in the disease and when you will get rid of the chronic disease or hospitalization.

One should ask an astrologer before surgery, as the timing of surgery is crucial. Consulting an astrologer beforehand can help you avoid possible complications. The astrologer can determine the favourable time for surgery based on transit and Dasha. He also offers remedies for quick recovery.

What Should I Avoid to Maintain Good Health by Astrologer?

The birth chart can reveal the dos and don’ts for maintaining good health according to an individual’s astrological placements. It can provide simple lifestyle changes such as consuming certain food items or walking on grass at a certain time. In some cases, the chart may suggest avoiding activities such as driving or adventure sports based on the planets’ transit. By weakening the unfavourable planets while strengthening the favorable ones, simple remedies can work wonders for one’s health.

Astrologers can provide personalized remedies based on the Dasha and transit a person is undergoing. During periods of Sadesati and Dhaiyya, one must be extra careful with one’s health. The astrologer can suggest specific lifestyle changes or alterations to ensure good health.


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