Office 365 Folders To A Flash Drive

How Do I Copy Office 365 Folders To A Flash Drive?

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Are you looking for a solution to copy Office 365 folders to flash drives? If yes, then you are in luck because in this post we will introduce you to the complete solution to export Office 365 folders to flash drives.

Today’s Office 365 services are trending everywhere. Office 365 is also an email service provider developed by Microsoft. Office 365 is a cloud-based version of Microsoft Office and is popular with companies that are good at the task. It is extremely safe and secure for managing email messages. You can easily use it for managing your documents, meetings, contacts, tasks, and other details.

Reason To Export Office 365 Folder To A Flash Drive

  • Sometimes you delete important emails on purpose. This action can mean a heavy loss for your company.
  • Hardware errors or system crashes can damage the data stored in the emails.
  • If you permanently delete an email, you can recover it if you don’t have a backup file.

How To Copy Office 365 Folders To A Flash Drive Via Manual Technique?

If you already have Outlook installed on your system with configuration. Then you can easily export emails using Outlook export options.

  • Open Outlook, and then click the file on the taskbar.
  • Then click on “Open” and then on “Import/Export Wizard” in the list.
  • The Import and Export Wizard will display on your desktop. Click “Export to a file”.
  • After clicking on the next option, click on the Outlook data file and then click on the “Next” button again.
  • Browse the mailbox folder you want to export, then click Open.
  • Finally, set the destination for the output and then click “Finish” to end this process.

Why Manual Technique Is Not A Good Decision?

  • There is always a high risk of data loss and human error.
  • Data can be exported, but the hierarchy cannot be maintained.
  • If you make a small mistake, parts of the mailbox data can be lost.
  • It does not provide file format features to export selective data.
  • It is mandatory to install Outlook and use it to configure an Office 365 account.

How To Export Office 365 Folders To Flash Drive Via Expert Recommended Technique?

As you can see, there are many challenges to overcome with the manual technique. Hence, we recommend you opt for Corbett Office 365 Email Backup Tool. It is an excellent choice to export any size mailbox data to PST, EML, MBOX, PDF, HTML, or many more file extensions according to your needs. This software is coded with advanced programming to get an accurate output without losing even a single bit of data.

  • Download and launch the tool on your system.
  • Enter the Office 365 credentials to connect the account to the software.
  • Then select the mailbox folder or subfolder that you want to copy.
  • Then click on the PST option from the multiple options of the file extension.
  • Finally, set the destination for the output and then click Save to get the result quickly.

Other Prominent Features Of Using Professional Application

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Time To Say Goodbye

We have discussed the reason and basic overview for this Office 365 export procedure. Two different techniques have been mentioned in the above post: manual and professional approaches to copying Office 365 folders to flash drives. If you have plenty of free time and advanced technical skills, you can opt for the manual technique. Because you know yourself better. Otherwise, we recommend that you opt for expert-recommended techniques to get instant results.


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