How Do I Open MSG File Without Outlook On Windows and Mac OS?

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In this article, you will learn to open MSG files in Outlook or without Outlook in a simple method before we start discussing it. Let’s start with knowing a little more about MSG files and how they work.

In 1990 MSG file was created by Microsoft Corporation,  its main purpose was to save individual files with attachments. it also saved all kinds of Outlook data outside of Outlook.

You can save journals, tasks, appointments and emails and other email data like sender information, date & time, subject, message, any kind of attachment and many more.

Reasons To Open MSG File Without Outlook

Several reasons you want to try opening MSG files without Outlook. Let’s see on few reasons down below

  • If your MSG file is corrupted and not opening
  • If the MSG file is not compatible with the version of Outlook, therefore you can try opening it without MS Outlook.

How To Open MSG File Without Outlook 

It is tricky to open MSG without Outlook. To do that you need to follow a very lengthy and tiring process, and only a few applications can open your MSG file with limitations.

You can’t access MSG files without Outlook to open the files you need to change their format first you can try to open MSG files in different applications if those applications allow your MSG files to open.

In Windows (if your system allows)

  • Locate your msg file and select the file you want to open
  • Right-click on the file and look for the option open with
  • Then click on Microsoft Outlook to open your MSG file

Mac OS

In Mac OS you have fewer options to open your MSG file because Mac doesn’t allow you to access MSG files by any means. To open your MSG file you need to change its format first then you will be able to open MSG files.

  • Locate your msg file
  • Right-click on the chosen file and select the option Open with
  • Select mail client to open your MSG file( if it suggests)

Limitations Of Opening MSG File Without Outlook

You have only a few options when you try to access the MSG file without Outlook because MSG was made to work with Outlook. Being an individual email file it can be complicated to open without Outlook.

In Mac OS, it gets more challenging to open MSG files because MSG is not supported in most cases. You need to get help from A professional application to open MSG files on Mac.

Let’s know about some more limitations, down below

  • Firstly you will be not able to open your MSG file without Outlook
  • Your attachments might not be visible when you try to open your file without Outlook
  • A corrupted MSG file will not open 
  • Malware MSG files can damage your system
  • With Mac OS it’s hard to import and access the MSG file 
  • You can’t merge the MSG file 

Opening MSG  File Using A Professional Software

Opening MSG files with a professional can Open MSG files easily without Outlook and gives you multiple choices to manage your files as well you can find hundreds of tools to open your MSG files online.

But I’m going to suggest an application you can try: MSOutlookTools MSG Converter. This application is one of the best applications you can find on the internet. Let’s see how easy it is to open your MSG files with this application.

  • Install the software from the official site 
  • Choose the language after setting up the application
  • Guide the system to your MSG file location
  • After selecting your MSG files you will see the preview window down to see the file information
  • Click the Export button to start the process
  • This process will convert your files to the desired format.

Benefits Of Using A Professional Application

There are many benefits to using a professional tool especially when you have MSG files and no Outlook because it’s not that easy to access MSG files without Outlook.

  • This application frees you from Outlook dependency 
  • It can easily merge your MSG file into one folder and split it
  • The application recovers your damaged MSG file 
  • It’s ideal for all kinds of users tech experts and non-technical 

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Final Words 

In this, I will suggest you choose a professional tool to open your MSG file because trying to open an MSG file without Outlook in the manual method is very technical and tiring.

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