How do Utthita Lolasana & Padam Lolasana Yoga, benefits

How do Utthita Lolasana & Padam Lolasana Yoga, benefits

How do Utthita Lolasana & Padam Lolasana Yoga, benefits

Utthita Lolasana: To bring stability to the back and hips, know its method _ Yoga is a perfect medium to balance the body; through yoga, the body can be kept healthy. Yoga is such a means that it is helpful in keeping a person away from many diseases. Lolasana balances the whole body. In this, the position of the body is similar to that of a pendulum. There are two types of Lolasana – Utthita Lolasana and Padma Lolasana. Through this article, we are giving you information about Uthit Lolasan. Utthita Lolasana is performed standing up. Yoga Teacher Training, With regular practice, the back and hips become strong. There are many benefits to the body by doing Utthita Lolasana. For this, know-how Utthita Lolasana is done and about its other benefits and precautions.


How to do Utthita Lolasana:

  • To do this asana, first, stand up and then spread your legs.
  • Now while inhaling, move both hands towards the head and keep your wrists loose.
  • The toes of the hand should be facing forward.
  • After this, while exhaling, bend the torso and arms forward.
  • Then take a normal breath and let the torso and arms remain in this posture for some time.
  • While inhaling, bring the upper back and arms to a parallel level.
  • Then while exhaling, swing the torso and arms between the legs.
  • Perform the action of lifting and swinging the torso and arms. Repeat this process 10 times with the help of breaths.
  • After this, while breathing normally, again keep the torso and arms in a hanging position for some time.
  • Now while breathing slowly, straighten up and pull your arms upwards.
  • After this, loosen the hand while moving it forward.
  • Come to the starting position while exhaling.


Benefits of doing Utthita Lolasana:-

  • Its regular practice improves blood circulation.
  • This asana is very good for breathing.
  • Utthita Lolasana should be done daily to give energy to the whole body.
  • By regularizing the Utthita Lolasana, there is flexibility in the back and hips.


Precautions to keep in mind while performing Utthita Lolasana:

  • If a person is feeling dizzy, then this asana should not be done.
  • A person with high blood pressure should also not do this asana.
  • People suffering from the problem of slip discs should not do Utthita Lolasana.

Padam Lolasana

Padam Lolasana: Strengthens fingers, shoulders, and arms

In the previous article, we gave you information about Lolasana and its type Utthita Lolasana. Today we are telling you about another type of it, whose name is Padma Lolasana.

Padma Lolasana is a sitting posture. In this asana, attention has to be paid to the whole body and the state of breathing remains normal in it. The action of Padma Lolasana has to be done twice.

Padma Lolasana is a bit difficult to do, but with regular practice, you can become a skilled seeker of it.

Doing this asana can take time, so do not be in a hurry to do it, otherwise, you may have face injury in your fingers, shoulders, or arms. Know in detail about Padam Lolasana.


How to do Padma Lolasana:

  • To do this asana, first of all, sit on a mat in the posture of Padmasana.
  • After this, keep the tip of the fingers on the floor.
  • Keep in mind that the fingers should be at such a distance from the body so that when you swing the body, the knees should not touch the arms.
  • Now raise the body upwards.
  • While lifting the body upwards, the whole part of the body should be on the fingers.
  • Keep your balance in this position and swing the body back and forth between the arms at least 10 times, it will appear that you are swinging.
  • Breathe regularly in this posture.
  • After that, you can come to your initial stage.
  • After completing one process, repeat this asana again.


Benefits of doing Padma Lolasana:

  • By doing Padma Lolasana regularly, the arms become strong.
  • This asana is very good to strengthen the shoulders.
  • By doing Padma Lolasana daily, the muscles of the torso get strengthened.
  • In this asana, the complete balance of the body is on the fingers, due to which the fingers also become strong.


Precautions to keep in mind while doing Padma Lolasana:

  • If there is any injury in the fingers and arms, then this asana should not be practised.
  • If there is pain in the fingers while doing the asana, then this asana should be stopped.

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