How to Convert OST to PST?

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The data files that are stored in Microsoft Outlook are divided into two categories: OST files and PST files. Data that has been downloaded from an offline Exchange Server is contained within OST files, while data that is kept in personal folders is contained within PST files. You can copy offline OST file data to another computer by configuring the email client to connect to the server and generate a new OST file or converting it to PST.

This blog has explained the process to convert OST to PST with the help of the manual as well as the third-party tool.

What is OST file and PST file?

The Outlook OST file and the Outlook PST file are two different types of files.  Offline data file utilized by the Microsoft Exchange Server is the offline storage table (.ost) file, which is related to Outlook. nevertheless, the event that the mail server is unavailable, it gives users the ability to work with the data included in their message. Users can keep all mail data locally on their computer using Outlook OST files. Therefore, when access to the mail server is restored, these things will immediately sync folders with one another.

Microsoft Outlook’s PST file stores user data for POP3, IMAP, and web-based mail accounts. These files include folder contents including emails, attachments, events, journals, contacts, and more.

Why Does Need to Convert OST to PST in MS Outlook?

  • In order to better understand the reasons behind the conversion of Outlook OST files to PST format, let us do some exploring.
  • There are occasions when Exchange Server unexpectedly crashes, causing errors to appear and rendering the data associated with e-mail inaccessible.
  • It is necessary for users to import OST files into Outlook in order to access them during periods of server maintenance and downtime.
  • By following this procedure, it is possible to retrieve all of the email data that is stored on the Exchange Server.
  • In the process of synchronizing, OST files have a chance of get corrupted, rendering them inaccessible.
  • While working, there are a few errors that occur periodically. In order to go past that obstacle, this method is helpful.


Solution to Convert OST Files to PST?

Exporting Outlook from OST to PST ensures error-free access to all data files stored in Outlook. To manually convert OST to PST files, you can refer to the techniques listed below.

Method 1- Import/Export Wizard

Making the switch from OST to PST is a tried-and-true approach. Importing Outlook OST to PST is a fantastic option in Microsoft Outlook. For this, you can refer to these instructions:

  • Launch the most recent version of Microsoft Outlook (2020, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, etc.).
  • Find the “File” menu on the main bar, and then choose “Import & Export.”
  • Next, choose “Export to a File” from the “Import and Export Wizard” that opens.
  • The next step is to choose the “Outlook data file” (PST) format from the list that appears.

Before clicking Finish, make sure the box next to “Include subfolders” is checked.

Once your Exchange OST mailbox is ready in PST format, all of your data will be moved to a new location on your computer.

Solution 2: Archiving Method

OST mailbox folders can be moved to PST format in Outlook to archive data. You can use it to make your Outlook mailbox larger as well. To finish, just follow these steps:

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook.
  • Open the “File” menu and choose “Archive.”
  • Choose which folders or files should be archived.
  • On a computer, choose a spot to save archival files.
  • Select “Finish” from the menu.

Limitations to Manual Methods

Manual approaches, on the other hand, offer substantial benefits for users. However, they are not without their limits, which include:

  • Migrating to PST format for inboxes, contacts, and calendars is a hassle.
  • In order to rearrange the data, users might have to make a fresh Outlook data file.
  • Conversion time for individual OST files could be longer than expected.
  • It is possible for a minor error to result in the corruption and loss of data.

How to convert OST to PST using the Professional solution?

Weeom OST to PST Converter tool is one of the advanced utilities to convert multiple OST file into the PST file format. This software comes with a user-friendly GUI and provides the multiple set of essential functionalities. User can apply for its incremental export option before starting the conversion process. Due to this option, the software eliminates the data duplicity after making the conversion.

Its free demo version allows users to perform the conversion, but only allows to process the first 50 item from each folder.


This blog has provided the detailed overview of the conversion of the OST files into PST files. We have discussed about the method to convert OST to PST with the help of professional and manual methods. Users can try the software with the help of the free demo version.

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