How To Decorate Two Tier Wedding Cakes?

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There are many benefits of having your cake designer to create you a two tier or four tier cake. Two tier cakes require less personnel to make and they offer more variety. Having two tier cakes is cheaper than the other option and with this reduced cost you can have a great selection. You can still have cakes that look quite elegant when designed for a small or large wedding. Choosing the best two tier or four tier cake makers will mean that you have a great looking cake that costs less than the traditional alternative. Many people feel that two tier cakes and four tier ones look quite similar, but they really are not the same size.


Delicious taste of a good wedding cake

Smaller wedding cakes still look impressive and still offer all the delicious taste of a good wedding cake. However, two tier cakes with only two tiers are much easier to make and often cheaper too. With a larger selection, it is easy to add extra trimmings or bows if this is what you want to do. Two tier cakes and four tier cakes can also look impressive and still retain their freshness after being stored in the fridge for a few days.


Various Types of Icing 

Having two tier cakes is easier to create because you can add the various types of icing at different times and each layer has its own finishing touch. However, having three-tier cakes is much harder to make than two tier cakes because you need more layers. If you need to have five to six layers, it is much more likely that you will have to buy them. Many people opt for the traditional two-tier cakes to save themselves money but when you have more than two tiers it can be difficult to find a style that suits your individual requirements.


Create the desired color

You can easily make cakes in any color by mixing the appropriate amounts of yolks and whites with water to create the desired color. Most cake baking recipes will advise you to use a white cake mix so this is something to think about. If you prefer lemon flavors then a lemon cream cake mix would be a better choice. Cake mixes can vary in consistency so it can help to measure out the ingredients according to the recipe you use. Mixing the batter by hand can be a very hard job and could take a while before you are happy with the results.

purchase large quantities of icing

Baking cakes with fondant has many advantages over other methods such as making layers of plain chocolate or filling the tin with icing and decorating the cake with pastel pink and lemon yellow icing. Firstly, there is no need for you to purchase large quantities of icing. Fondant provides a great alternative to making buttercream which can take up much more space and costs more money. Fondant can also be used with fruitcake as part of the decoration and with wheat or oats. Another advantage of using fondant as part of the cake is that it is easier to decorate. Cakes that are made with fondant have a fluffier texture which makes them suitable for decoration.


Good on wedding cakes

A lot of effort can go into making fresh flowers look good on wedding cakes. Traditionally fresh flowers have been added to wedding cakes but these days fresh flower arrangements can be purchased from cake decorating suppliers. Fresh flowers can be decorated with white frosting to match the color scheme of the cake. If you wish to add fresh flowers to your cake but are budget constrained then a small vase of icing can be used to hold a few petals. This will complement the fresh flowers nicely.


 Champagne bubbles

Many people like to serve champagne on their wedding cakes. Champagne bubbles can be decorated using a simple spray bottle provided by most cake decorating suppliers. A few petals of a flower petal can also be added to these cakes for a nice effect. One advantage of champagne on 2 tier wedding cakes is that champagne can be served after the reception all in one go.



Finally, deserts can really make a dessert look yummy. Chocolate and ice cream deserts are very popular. These desserts can also be accompanied by an iced tea. Iced tea and chocolate covered strawberries are a traditional pair for wedding cakes.

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