How to Export Zoho CRM Contacts: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Export Zoho CRM Contacts: A Comprehensive Guide

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As a Zoho Authorized Partner and a team of Zoho Certified Developers, iTecZone understands the importance of effective data management within Zoho CRM. One crucial aspect of this is the ability to export your contacts in a variety of formats. Whether you’re migrating data, creating targeted email lists, or simply backing up your records, exporting your Zoho CRM contacts is a valuable tool. Let’s dive into the methods.

Methods for Exporting Zoho CRM Contacts

1. Standard Export

  • Log into your Zoho CRM account.
  • Navigate to the “Contacts” module.
  • Click the “Tools” icon (the wrench symbol in the upper right).
  • Select “Export.”
  • Choose your desired file format (CSV, VCF, LDIF, HTML, or Outlook CSV).
  • Select the contacts you want to export (specific categories, custom views, or all).
  • Click the “Export” button.

2. Scheduled Export

  • Navigate to Setup > Data Administration > Export.
  • Select “Scheduled Export.”
  • Create a new schedule, giving it a descriptive name.
  • Choose the “Contacts” module.
  • Set your desired schedule frequency (daily, weekly, etc.).
  • Select the fields to be included and your preferred file format.
  • Save the schedule.

3. Data Backup

  • Navigate to Setup > Data Administration > Data Backup.
  • Click “Request Data Backup.”
  • Choose your backup options and inclusions.
  • Zoho will prepare your zip file for download (this may take some time depending on data size).

Best Practices

  • Optimize File Formats: CSV files are ideal for cross-platform compatibility. Consider VCF formats for adding contacts to address books.
  • Secure Your Data: If exporting sensitive contact information, password-protect your file.

Why Choose iTecZone for Your Zoho Needs

At iTecZone, we leverage our status as a Zoho Authorized Partner and our team of Zoho Certified Developers to deliver exceptional Zoho CRM solutions. We understand the nuances of the platform and go beyond just exporting data. We assist with:

  • Customizations and tailored workflow automation
  • Seamless integrations with other business tools
  • Expert training and ongoing support


Exporting contacts is a powerful feature within Zoho CRM, and iTecZone is ready to help you master it! We are your trusted Zoho experts. Contact us today to explore how we can optimize your Zoho CRM experience.

Disclaimer: Please note that Zoho features and interface elements may change over time. Refer to Zoho’s official help documentation for any updates.

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