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How to Format Hard Drive Permanently?

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You recently bought a new PC and now want to donate your old one. Your sustainable decisions are commendable! But hold on, did you fully format the hard drive? Is it truly gone now? Or will anything be recoverable if someone takes your old device?

Most users believe that using the recycle bin, the shift+delete key, or drive formatting can totally erase all data from a hard drive. It’s a myth, though. Only links to the material will be deleted; the actual data will still be on your hard drive. A technical person is aware that third-party recovery program can quickly recover data after erasing the hard drive using the basic erase feature.

Reasons to Format Hard Disk Permanently

  • When you decide to buy a new computer or give an old one to another user.
  • To prevent others from seeing personal or financial information.
  • Boosting a hard drive’s performance is also beneficial.

How to Format Hard Drive Permanently Using Best Data Erasure Software?

If you regularly use the internet, then you are already aware of the number of software that is advertised as having the ability to completely erase your hard drive. However, most are not useful and some do not meet our expectations. In order to protect your personal information, we advise you to make the right decision and use the Data Erasure Tool, which is an excellent tool for erasing all of the data in a single attempt without leaving any traces behind.

How to Delete Files from Hard Disk Permanently? – Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Download and install Data Erasure Software on your machine.
  2. Choose needed Files or Drives you want to delete.
  3. Opt desired Files and apply Advance Filters.
  4. Click the Wipe tab to start the formatting process.

Why Do Users Prefer Using CubexSoft Data Eraser Tool?

  • You can completely wipe data from various drives at a time.
  • The software creates a saving log report within the procedure.
  • It gives you a digital certificate of deletion that confirms that data has been wiped according to the standards.
  • The tool erases both portable storage media and internal drives.
  • This app also enables users to permanently erase data from SSD, HDD, memory cards, PCs, laptops, and other devices.
  • You can easily format files as per date range, and file name, and overwrite data text.
  • Both Windows OS and Mac OS are compatible with Data Wipe Tool.


In this article, we’ve discussed the best and most reliable method to completely erase a Hard Drive. All sensitive and other data can be permanently removed using the suggested software. Now, you’ve the correct tool to quickly solve how to format Hard Disk permanently query without facing any problem. Now that a hard disc has been completely erased, it’s your turn. However, before using this utility, make sure that all crucial data has been transferred to any other storage devices. Because once you utilize this software, nobody (including you) can get it back.

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