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How to Improve Outlook Performance? Follow These Simple Methods

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If you are looking for How to improve Outlook performance then your search ends here. If you are using Outlook on a daily basis then sometimes you may feel that Outlook is not working as it should. This is not because of a single reason. There can be multiple reasons behind this problem. Actually, Outlook storage is also a factor because, in the early days, Outlook is only providing space of 2 GB till 2003. But after some time it was increased up to 20 GB till 2007 and now it is 50 GB. But if you really want to make your Outlook fast then you have to properly manage the Outlook. If the Outlook works performance is down then you will be frustrated. Let’s discuss each and every method to improve Outlook Performance in detail.

8 Simple Methods that Accelerated Your Outlook Performance

Now you will get to know about the eight distinct methods that will improve your Outlook performance in an efficient manner. You can opt for any method that suits you better. Let’s deep dive into each method.

Method 1: Clean Up Your Inbox

You should concentrate on the inbox if you are experiencing performance issues when using Outlook. Your emails are essentially stored there. The emails are all kept here. Whether they be spam, advertisements, social media posts, or anything else. You must optimize your inbox if you want to improve Outlook performance. Simply clearing out the inbox of unnecessary emails will improve performance.

Method 2: Disable Unnecessary Add-ins

It’s not always the case that storage is the only factor affecting Outlook performance when it becomes sluggish. Occasionally, extraneous third-party utilities are installed. No need to get rid of the necessary add-ins. However, the unneeded add-ins have just made Outlook take up more room. Simply uninstall them by selecting File >> Options >> Add-Ins. Choose the extra add-in, then delete it. It will undoubtedly produce the best outcomes.

Method 3: Archive the Old Emails

once some of the info becomes dated. The previous data is hence not always necessary. However, it was occupying room in Outlook. You should archive outdated data that is no longer useful and is taking up space in Outlook alone if you want Outlook to run better. Simply select Clean up Tools >> Archive. Delete this folder and its child folders >> Ok.

Method 4: Export the Old File

When the Outlook storage gets filled completely then you may face this problem with Outlook performance. One method to improve Outlook performance is you make a new PST file and store all of the data in that file form now. The old PST file can be exported at a particular location using the export feature in Outlook. Go to Open & Export >> Export to a file >> Include Subfolders >> Browse >> Next.

Method 5: Compacting

Let’s see another method for the query of How to improve Outlook performance efficiently. Exporting or Archiving is not only the way to improve Outlook’s performance. The compact is also an option to reduce the PST file size. You can compress the PST file and make some space in Outlook. You can go to Account Settings and click on the data file then hit Compact.

Method 6: Disable RSS

If the Outlook performance is not improving then you can also choose an option of RSS. If you are not using this feature then disable that. It will help to improve Outlook’s performance. You can find it using Options >> Advanced >> RSS. Disable the two located options in this field.

Method 7: Move the Attachments

You should move the attachments to the local storage. Attachments have so much space in Outlook. It drastically affects Outlook’s performance. You should use this approach and move all the attachments to the local storage without deleting them.

Method 8: Split your PST File

The better option among all of these is the use of SysTools PST Splitter Tool easily. This will definitely resolve your query about How to improve Outlook performance. It is basically used for the PST Split. This can split your PST file as per the requirements like size, date, year, and many more. You do not have to worry about the version of your Outlook. It is well-suited with all Outlook versions.

Final Words

In the end, you are now aware of all the methods that can improve Outlook performance in some easy steps. You are free to choose any tool which helps you the most. All of the methods are able to solve your query of How to improve Outlook Performance.

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