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How to Properly Store Your Headphones in UAE

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Are you looking for the finest advice on how to keep your brand-new headphones to extend their lifespan? You must be doing something incorrectly if your headphones are breaking too easily. But you’ve finally found yourself in the proper spot. In this post, we’ll show you how to properly care for your headphones in UAE to extend their lifespan.

Headphone usage is permitted for up to four years. But only if you manage them correctly. By using the great advice below that we have compiled for you, you can simply extend the lifetime of your headphones.

  1. Neatly Wrap the Headphone Cord

After usage, the majority of individuals casually toss their headphones. When you take up your headphones again, they are twisted. Always correctly wrap the cable of your headphones to avoid tangling.

Holding directions  

The plug’s end should initially be tucked between your fingers and center. Never grip the cable of your headphones too firmly.   

Wrap the cable around your fingers  

Make a loop with the rope around your index and pinky fingers using the other hand, each loop with a center cross

Fold the cord with hands

Twist your hand to continue folding the cord. Make a second loop using the same length of cable as the first, stopping when you get to the earbud portion.   

Apply the over-under wrapping technique 

A procedure known as over-under wrapping is another option. It entails raising the cable and rotating your wrist in the direction of your body. The cable makes a loop this way. The top of the loop, which is near to the other loop that is encircling your hand, must then be pinched.  

Using this technique, wires and cords are kept from twisting.  

Continue using the method described above until the cable is completely wrapped  

Wires twist when headphones are folded improperly (without employing the over-under method). Your headphones may suffer as a consequence.

Apply a twist tie after

Once your headphones are precisely folded, seal the loops by wrapping a twist knot over the cord’s dangling ends. Twist the tie’s ends. Or you may take another action. To create a basic bow, wrap the plug end around the center many times.

  1. Headphone Case

It is usually a good idea to have a headphone case on hand if you want to take your headphones on the road. You may purchase it via a mobile store or online store in UAE.    

Don’t forget to use the headphones’ case 

New headphones come with a case when you purchase them. In case you misplace any of the components of your headphones, they also provide some replacement parts. So instead of dumping your headphones into your bag when travelling, place them in their case.  

To protect your headphones, get a headphone case

If you often travel with headphones but don’t have a bag for them or have lost one, you should get a pouch or case for them. To avoid losing or tangling cables, keep headphones and cords in the case at all times.   

Use stand for hanging headphones

If you use your headphones often, fold the cable of your headphones over and under and hang them from an elevated perch. If you’re wearing earbuds, you generally won’t need a stand.

  1. Make Headphone Case Yourself

If you can’t afford one or don’t have a carrying case for headphones, don’t worry. You may design your own carrying case for headphones. Metal and plastic containers may both be used.  

Transform a wasteful rectangular container into a carry-all for your headphones

Make your headphone’s portable carrier out of a compact, round or rectangular case. Place your headphones into the case after wrapping them. To add some creativity, you may even decorate the casing.  

To hang your headphones at home, use a thumbtack 

You will find it challenging to repeatedly wrap your headphones if you use them often. Use a thumbtack to hang them if you need to use them regularly. This advice only applies to lightweight earbuds; it does not apply to over-ear headphones.  

Make a stand out of binder clips and hang your headphones from it

With this simple hack, you can quickly make a stand for your headphones. Simply wrap your wires around the binder clip and attach it to the side of your desk. Two binder clips may also be used to form a temporary stand by attaching them to the edge of your desk.     

Wrap your headphones around a sewing spool if you have one to protect them

Wrapping your headphones around a sewing spool is another simple trick to keep them untangled and safe from injury. The wire should be gently wrapped around the headphone jack once it has been inserted through the spool’s center hole. Afterward, tuck the jack under the cable.  

  1. Keep Your Headphones Clean

Both the inner and the exterior of your ears are covered with filth. Your headphones pick up this dust, which compromises the sound quality. Before dirt accumulates inside your headphones and harm results, you should clean them with the use of a cotton bud.              

  1. Spend Money on Sturdy, High-Quality Headphones

High-quality materials contribute to durability. Therefore, investing in expensive models that will last a lifetime is a wise move. But bear in mind that not all pricey headphones are robust.

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