How To Reduce Neck And Back Pain Using Ergonomics Products?

How To Reduce Neck And Back Pain Using Ergonomics Products?

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Ergonomic Products to Alleviate Neck & Back Pain!

Are you tired of constantly battling neck and back pain after long hours of work hunched over your computer? If so, you’re not alone. The strain and pain caused by a poor ergonomic setup can take a toll on your well-being. obVus Solutions, a Los Angeles based well-tech company, offers a range of ergonomic products designed to reduce your neck, shoulder, and back pain and enhance your comfort while you work. Using a laptop tower stand, an ergonomic keyboard, a Gymba Active Board, and an ergonomic posture chair can make a significant difference in reducing pain associated with a poor office setup and environment. 

Elevate Your Laptop

Do you find yourself hunching over your laptop for hours on end? This bad habit can lead to neck pain, shoulder tension, and back problems. The obVus Solutions Laptop Tower Stand can help you break free from this discomfort. The sleek and adjustable stand raises your laptop screen to eye level, allowing you to maintain a straight and upright posture while working or studying. It’s designed to accommodate various laptop sizes and tablets, ensuring a secure fit for any device. By placing your laptop on a stand, you can significantly reduce the strain on the upper back and neck. Instead of looking down at your screen, you’ll look straight ahead, promoting a healthier posture. 

The stand’s sturdy construction ensures stability, so you can work or study with confidence and the assurance your device will stay in place. Setting up the obVus Solutions Laptop Tower Stand is simple. Just place your laptop on the stand, adjust the height that best fits you, and you’re all set. The stand easily folds down to compactly fit into a backpack or purse. The portability means you can use it wherever you work or study, whether it’s your home office or just about anywhere!

Type With Comfort & Precision

Typing for extended periods can strain your wrists and contribute to back pain. The portable folding Bluetooth Keyboard from obVus Solutions is designed to provide ergonomic comfort and support, helping you to work efficiently. This full size keyboard features a split and contoured design, allowing your wrists and hands to remain in a more natural position while typing. Its adjustable tilt ensures you can find the perfect comfortable angle. If you prefer the portability of a laptop but prefer the comfort of a desktop keyboard, this portable folding keyboard is a must-have. It’s slim and lightweight design is expertly made to slip into your bag with ease. 

obvus keyboard

Your Ultimate Work & Workout Tool

The Gymba Active Board, an obVus solution, is not your ordinary piece of office equipment; it’s a tool that revolutionizes how we work. Its clever design lets you easily add gentle movements to your workday, whether you’re at a standing desk or taking a break from sitting. By working your core muscles and improving blood circulation, this board refreshes your whole body! 

Although the Gymba Board is often associated with ergonomic office workspaces, its usefulness extends far beyond the office. The Gymba Board can also be a powerful tool for fitness and workout routines. In a workout setup, the board engages your core which is essential for posture and stability. The element of instability with the board forces your body to make minor adjustments to remain balanced, using a broader range of muscles. The Gymba Board can also be used for lower body workout such as calf raises, low impact cardio, and leg lifts. The Gymba Active Board can prove helpful when using it as a platform for Pilates or yoga. The compact design makes it easy to incorporate it into your at-home workouts. 

gymba board by obvus solutions

Sitting Pain-Free

Your choice of chair for your workplace setup plays an important role in your overall comfort and posture. obVus Solutions’ Best Posture Chair helps you maintain a healthy and pain-free sitting position throughout your workday, which encourages good posture while you work. This ergonomic chair is designed with lumbar support, adjustable armrests, and a contoured seat to encourage proper spinal alignment. The lumbar support reduces strain on your lower back and promotes better hip and thigh alignment. This can alleviate pressure on your back and minimize pain. The adjustable armrests allow you to find the perfect position for your arms and shoulders, reducing strain. Whether you’re working from home or the office, this chair is the perfect addition to your ergonomic workplace setup. 

While ergonomic products on their own can make a significant difference in promoting a pain-free workspace, combining them can create a powerful ergonomic setup that maximizes your comfort, productivity, and overall well-being. With the obVus Solutions’ line of ergonomic products including the Laptop Tower Stand, Keyboard, Gymba Board and Posture Chair, you can create a workspace that prioritizes posture and good health. Say goodbye to back and neck pain and hello to pain-free productivity with these easy-to-use and effective ergonomic solutions!


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