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How to Register for a Microsoft Certifications exam In 2024?

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Register from the Microsoft Certifications exam details page when you’re ready, then schedule the test either locally at an exam center or online with proctored exams that allow flexible scheduling – perfect if taking exams from home or office is an option!

Microsoft collaborates with multiple exam providers to offer certification exams to diverse types of candidates. For more information about these exam providers and registering or scheduling an exam with them, visit: Register and schedule an exam.

Access Your Exam Results and Certifications Now

Microsoft Certifications exams will deliver their results instantly; however, results can take up to 24 hours for them to appear in your Learn profile’s Certifications tab. For more information about exam scores and accessing them, visit Exam Scoring & Score Reports.

Please be aware: if you’ve taken a beta exam or scheduled one through Certiport, an exam provider for students and educators, timing of exam results may differ.

Share your success by wearing badges to show your achievements

Congratulations if you have successfully passed all the exams to earn a certification! Your employers and colleagues will recognize your achievement when you share your badge on professional networks or include it in email signatures or resumes. Now is your time to shine; view, download, and share badges or certificates you earned through Microsoft transcripts to show off all your successes! For more information visit View and share transcripts.

Renewal of Certification

Do keep in mind that role-based and specialty certifications expire every year, however there are free online renewal assessments six months in advance to extend them further.

Why get certified? Certification with Microsoft is internationally-recognized evidence of your real world skills. Completing one demonstrates your dedication to keeping up with evolving technology while opening doors for increased skills, efficiency, and earning potential in professional roles.

Thirty-five percent of technical professionals reported increased income after earning certification, and 26% saw promotions as a result of certification. IT and ISTQB professionals who earned relevant, role-based technical certification performed 26 percent better on average than uncertified counterparts.

Team leaders who encourage their teams to become certified will see higher performing workforces. Workers are more likely to remain with a company who invests in them with certifications.

Microsoft Certification can be an excellent way to enter the tech industry. Such credentials convey expertise, especially beneficial for newcomers to the field.

Starting Your Certification Journey Today with Microsoft

Start exploring certifications through the Certifications Overview, where you can search by role or level. If you know which certification you want to pursue, browse certifications is also an excellent resource to use to filter and search certifications.

Click on any certification name to visit its details page, which outlines which exams must be passed in order to earn it. While some certifications require just one exam, others require multiple. You’ll find information regarding which skills are measured as part of that certification as well as preparation tips and registration links on that details page – each exam also has its own detailed page covering exam-specifics.

Microsoft Certification Practice Assessments

Are You Preparing to Take a Microsoft Certification Exam? Microsoft Learn now offers Practice Assessments as an exam preparation resource that allows you to assess and fill knowledge gaps before sitting for your certification exam. We hope these Practice Assessments make this experience even better!

These assessments offer you a preview of the questions that could appear on an exam, so you can assess your readiness, determine where more preparation may be require and fill any knowledge gaps that exist – one step closer to passing your test!

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