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How to Transfer Database From Access to SQL Server?

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Microsoft Access is the database management system to store its own format. It also immediately imports or links data from other programs or databases.If you want to transfer Database from Access to SQL Server using Access to SQL Server Migration. Then, scroll down to know more and solve all the queries similar to these.

Microsoft Access is a database management system by Microsoft that integrates a graphical user interface with the relational database management system and software development tools. It’s a part of the Microsoft Suite 365 of apps and it’s available as a part of the professional tools and above editions or independently.

Reason To Migrate Database From Access To SQL Server

  1. Access only allows to store data up to 2GB while SQL Server is specially designed for larger databases.
  2. Access only allows access to up to 20-30 users at a single time while SQL Server can be accessed by thousands of users at a time.
  3.  Access is a desktop-based application while SQL Server is a web-based application and also offers desktop-based applications.

How To Transfer Database From Access To SQL Server?

Access contains its database in an ACCDB or MDB file format. While SQL Server contains its database in SQL format. If you want to transfer a database from Access to SQL Server, Then, you can opt SysTools Access Converter is an excellent choice to convert an access database into SQL format without facing any issues. This wizard is specially designed to convert Access databases into SQL servers. 

  • Download wizard on your system then launch it.
  • Browse Access database as you want to transfer.
  • Then, choose SQL format in the list of export types.
  • At last, choose the destination to save output then press export to get the result of your chosen path.

Other Prominent Features Of Using Professional Tool

  1. It allows the conversion of MDB or ACCDB file format in SQL format.
  2. This application also allows Access recovery to recover deleted records from the database.
  3. It is very simple to perform by all types of users without having advanced technical information.
  4. It also offers to convert only schema or complete data according to requirement.
  5. There is no need to download additional applications to finish the process.

The Verge

In this informative guide, we have explained almost every essential information to transfer databases from Access to SQL Server. We have also discussed the basic overview and reason behind these issues. In addition, we have also discussed one of the best solution to migrate database from Access to SQL Server. I hope after reading this post all the queries similar to these will be resolved here. If you have any doubts or any other queries you can visit our official website to connect with experts via live chat, email or by phone number to get results quickly.

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