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Important Tips to Help You Resolve the Issue of Blocked Drains

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At times, we can find drains getting blocked due to improper functioning. Other factors such as foul smell and airborne toxins are also responsible for ill-treated drainage systems. This factor can result in flooding, moderate seepage, decreased water pressure, and other life-threatening diseases.

If unnoticed, blocked drains can impose minor or significant issues contingent depending upon the seriousness and effect. In such cases, people need to be highly aware and take protective measures to get rid of the blocked drains.

In this article, we will help you know some necessary precautions to avoid having blocked drains at your place, if any.

How Does a Drain Function?

Wastewater from all parts of the house, including restroom, sink, shower, washing machine, and other water-based frameworks is gathered into the primary draining unit of a house. Following this, the wastewater is let run down the channel, goes through the drainage pipelines of a house, and ultimately reaches the public wastewater treatment plant.

Thus, having blocked drains can be very harmful, not only for one family but also for the entire neighbourhood. So, it is essential to know the details and understand how sewers function, to avoid such incidents. Water gathered in urban areas runs into a fast-paced sewer system, which is then introduced to various water bodies, such as a waterway, lake, or a nearby pond.

In most cases, seepage pipes for wastewater are wiped out every 50 feet, covering under the ice line of space. These clear-out focuses are distinguished by a covered piece of white line that is apparent over the ground. However, in reality, a sewage discrepancy is a more genuine seepage issue rather than blocked drains.

blocked drains

How To Identify a Blocked Drain?

Homeowners and other concerned authorities should know that drainage systems and sewers can be blocked from many different positions. However, this imposes a great deal of confusion amongst the people who do not know about drainage pipes and sewers. As mentioned, blocked drains can result from both outside factors and internal factors. Suppose you detect pipelines causing a blockage in the drainage system. In that case, it can be challenging for you to get it fixed using DIY techniques. In such vital cases, seeking professional help is highly advisable.

What Results in A Drain Blockage?

The sewer and drainage systems around most houses are very minutely interconnected. Thus, a single and minute issue can cause havoc around your neighborhood. For example, a blockage in the lavatory can cause a problem in any piece of the framework. Likewise, if you find the water from your house’s drains or sewer is obstructed, the entire structure is influenced.

However, there are some other physical factors as well, which are widely known for clogging drains and making our lives more difficult. Some of them are:

  • Roots of trees.
  • Kitchen waste materials.
  • Paper wastes.
  • Plastic wastes.
  • Degraded scales from pipelines.
  • Hair.
  • Animal wastes.


If there are blocked drains in your area, it is advised not to delay in fixing those. Otherwise, if you overlook such pipe issues, there are chances where these blocked drains can result in something worse than what it was before. You may also need to spend large sums of money to delay the process as the situation will have gone out of hand then.

Now, it is advised to do the pipe cleaning regularly without any further delay regarding the plumbing factor. The points mentioned above will ensure that you remain safe throughout and your sewer functions properly.

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