Key Principles for Visually Appealing Websites

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  1. Make a balanced design (Comes with experience)
  2. Utilize Grids for Compartmentalizing your design.
  3. Don’t use more than two to three base colors for your design.
  4. The website’s Typography and Style must be aesthetic. That will make the design look elegant.
  5. Include equal white space around and between the elements.

It’s hard to get a good bounce rate on the websites these days. Most designers don’t know what makes and breaks the web design. Following some simple pointers, anyone will be able to develop a ravishing design. Use main color, secondary color, and accent color in the ratio of the 3:1:1 rule. First understand color theory, psychology, and harmony. A palette that goes with the brand’s user market is impactful. Use Color palette types such as Analogous, Monochromatic, Triad, and Complementary. Below are some tips that you can follow:-

Design Balanced

An asymmetrical balance of designs may sometimes make your website look far more mawkish. Manipulate the visual weight color, size and the addition or removal of elements. Fine-tuning the visual weight such as color, size is important aspect.

Compartmentalize Your Design

Use grids for compartmentalizing your design in grids. Think about columns for improving readability and according to that set the block width. A third of the width of the web page must be for sidebars. If the design is not very impressive, then the website bounce rate will increase and retention will be low.

Base Colors Should Not Be More Than Two or Three

Lot of the aspects, you have to decide on common sense and feeling, not on principles. Visit ColourLovers to get a color understanding. Mop up website designs as many as possible. Position your photograph at the meeting point of the imaginary nine-square grid. Use tints (lighter, mixed with white) and shades (darker, mixed with black) to mix up colors in a more attractive way.

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